February 24, 2021

Singers hunted drunk at the wheel

Pete Doherty, in a file image.

Pete Doherty, in a file image.

The news of arrest in the United States of singer Bruce Springsteen in November 2020 by drive drunk it has aroused some astonishment among the general public.

This Wednesday it was known that the police presented three charges against the artist: reckless driving, drinking alcohol in an area closed to the public and driving drunk.

Springsteen, 71, who has a serious and serious image, appeared this Sunday in an ad for a car brand in one of the advertising breaks of the Superbowl, one of the most important sporting events in the United States.

Stellantis NV, the parent company of Jeep, confirmed tonight thate temporarily removed the ad starring Springstenn.

The singer from New Jersey, known as the ‘Boss‘, joins a long list of artists from the world of music who have been hunted with a few extra doses of alcohol behind the wheel.

Lindsay Lohan

Perhaps one of the saddest cases is that of the singer and artist Lindsay Lohan, who was arrested twice in 2007 for drunk driving. While the first time she was arrested, she had to post bail and her driver’s license was suspended, the second time – two months later – she was sentenced to probation.

Justin Bieber

Another young star Justin Bieber, he became a believer in himself and in 2014 was arrested in Miami for participating drunk in an illegal race in a yellow Lamborghini.

The Canadian singer, who had time to appear photographed in the orange prison uniform, was imposed a bail of 2,500 dollars (1,800 euros) for the three charges: driving under the influence of toxic substances, alcohol and marijuana, resistance to authority without violence and drive with an expired license.


Also in Miami, five years later, in 2019, the singer Zion, of the duet Zion & Lennox, was arrested for driving at high speed and under the influence of alcohol. After paying bail and being released the same day, he continued, without regret, his career as a reggaeton player.


From the same musical chord and common hobbies, the reggaeton singer Archangel had his driver’s license suspended for a month in 2012 for drunk driving in Puerto Rico.

Vince Neil

Making glory of the wild side of rock culture Vince Neil, singer of the glam metal band Motley Crue, He served jail time in 1986 for drunk driving and being responsible for a California car accident in which Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley died.

In 2010, the character was arrested again in Las Vegas on suspicion of drunk driving. Days before he had released his latest album ‘Tattoos and Tequila’.

Pete doherty

Another artist from the dark side is the British Pete doherty, to which to the arrests for drug possession, is added an arrest in 2009 accused of driving drunk, shortly after a concert in the city of Gloucester, western England.

According to the police report, the Babyshambles singer was detained after a patrol car stopped a vehicle that was “traveling erratically.”

Manny manuel

In another musical but also wild wave, there is the Puerto Rican merengue singer Manny Manuel who hit his Jeep Cherokee against a police vehicle.

The two officers who were inside the patrol car suffered minor injuries and had time to verify that the artist was drunk and behind the wheel.

Other cases

George Michael, Bobby Brown, David Cassidy, Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys and many more share the dubious privilege of having consumed alcohol while driving and living to tell the tale.

The list, which in actors and other types of artists can be endless, highlights the need to understand that driving while drinking is a serious social crime for both celebrities and all audiences.


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