July 28, 2021

Singers and athletes call for the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico

Singers and athletes led a march on Thursday that called for the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, for how she managed the attention to the victims of the earthquakes of the last weeks, after coming to light that no available food was distributed in The affected areas.

The urban music performer René Pérez, artistically known as Resident, and the San Luis Yadier Molina Cardinals baseball player were the summoners of a march before the Executive headquarters to request that Wanda Vázquez leave the position for which they understand a Negligent management of the earthquake crisis.

The demonstration was very dim for an afternoon in San Juan in which rain rivers fell on the demonstrators who, nevertheless, maintained the type before the inclement weather that came upon them.

Although it was inevitable not to compare today’s march with those of the summer of 2019 that marked the departure of Ricardo Rosselló as chief executive, the situation is now very different from that of when a “chat” came to light in which the In that time governor and ten of his main collaborators were dedicated to insult and criticize all kinds of people and groups.

Local analysts remember that then the ruling New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Legislative, controlled by that formation, approved the dismissal of Rosselló, something that is not happening right now with Vázquez.

In addition, if Vázquez left office, the hierarchical order would cause the governor’s position to end up in people with a very low profile, which makes it difficult for situations like those of the summer of 2019 to reoccur.

The protesters did not have that kind of analysis in mind and marched from the Capitol to La Fortaleza, the residence of the governor and headquarters of the Executive, repeating phrases against Vázquez and the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, who they also blame for the bad management before the crisis unleashed after the earthquakes that shook the island since December 28.

The organizers accuse the two government leaders of mismanagement in the earthquake crisis and of knowing about the existence of supplies that were not distributed among the victims.

Vázquez and Rivera Schatz ask for responsibility for the discovery of a grocery store located in the city of Ponce, whose resources, it is not well known why, were not used to assist the nearly 4,000 victims of the earthquakes that shook the earthquake. Island since last December 28.

Today’s demonstration did not record scenes of violence, although the police device will remain until the last protesters leave the area.

Together with the assembled protesters, representatives of the General Workers Union (UGT), the Puerto Rican Workers Union (SPT) and the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico (FMPR), among others, could be seen.

The media mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, supported through a statement the demonstration called to request the departure of the governor of the island and the president of the Senate for his management of the earthquake crisis.

“If there is something that our country does not tolerate more is abuse. Hurricanes Irma and Maria left a balance of more than 3,000 compatriots killed by the bureaucracy and inefficiency of a federal government that failed to handle the emergency and a local government that did not He had the courage to claim him to defend our people, “Cruz said in a statement.

Vázquez said for his part that in his opinion it is not necessary to advance the elections, as claimed by the critics of his management of the earthquake crisis.


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