June 18, 2021

Singer uses chords and melodies to fight suicide in Ecuador

Ecuadorian singer Juan Sebastián López has decided to use chords and melodies to fight suicide in his country where, so far this year, he says, fourteen cases have been reported.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) mentioned last year that suicide was the “leading cause of violent death” among adolescents in Ecuador.

He based his concern on the official death registry, which reported that in 2018 two children between 5 and 9 years of suicide committed themselves, while 85 cases were reported in the range of 10 to 15 years, and 183, between 15 and 19 years .


“In my province, Tungurahua, the suicide rate is the highest in the country. So far this year, we are fourteen,” the 26-year-old singer told Efe before declaring himself torn by the situation that is “latent.” .

And so, he decided to make his art a “cause” and get involved in a campaign carried out by the Ministry of Public Health to try to curb that situation.

“On this side (of the musicians) we have a privilege: attention, a platform on which many people can listen to us,” said who argues that music is a “therapy” through which one can speak of “pure feelings , positive, love, kindness. “

It all started with a video posted on social networks in which he urged people to believe in themselves, not to feel alone and encouraged them to ask for help in difficult times.

And it worked. Soon he began to receive messages and refer them to experts who could professionally channel the anguish.

“Many wrote thanking, while others, denying life,” said who is aware that the issue of suicide is a “hard” and “difficult” issue to understand because human psychology is as vast and complex as the problems that may arise.

The responses to his video, motivated him to train more in the matter to handle messages on other platforms, so that people know that they are not alone, “that there are people willing to help them”, but above all, to value the capabilities individual

“Social networks now move a lot, we are very aware of the people who write to refer a professional or give words of encouragement on this side,” he said.


Although the singer abounds in the importance of people feeling accompanied, he also emphasizes the need to believe in each other and not settle in material values, “which are very ephemeral.”

It detects a “lack of spiritual connection” in society, with a globalization that, along with the positive, has also come with an invasion of advertising campaigns that “make us more material” and less spiritual.

A reality – he says – that pushed him to use music as an instrument to fight suicide, with songs with “good content” that can be heard “from children to grandparents.”

He came to music almost by chance when at age seven he was asked to represent his school in a singing contest and, since professionally, he offers since 2015 his songs in which he combines the melodious of urban pop and the dance of reggaeton, under the name of ParCevas.

“The end was never to be famous, nor to have millions of views. This is a means to arrive with the message” that now is the fight against suicide, “but I am sure that the subject will change later,” he said.

He predicted that time will lead him to undertake campaigns against gender violence or for the defense of nature, among others.

And since he considers that many young people think “that nothing happens”, he is hopeful that when he sees “another young man (like him) who is worried”, they will believe “that a change is possible”.

Susana Wood


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