Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Singer Eddie Money, author of ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ dies

The singer Eddie Money, author of topics like Baby hold on, Take me Home Tonight Y Two Tickets to ParadiseHe died on Friday at 70 years of age, his family said in a statement.

“With great regret that we say goodbye to our beloved husband and father. We cannot imagine our world without him, ”his relatives lamented. We are grateful that he will live forever through his music, ”says the family in a statement that includes the magazine Variety.

The artist resided in Los Angeles, where he was recovering from a heart valve operation which was complicated by pneumonia, for which he had to postpone several concerts.

In addition, Money had recently been diagnosed with advanced stage esophageal cancer, as the artist related in his own television program Real money, who followed his family life and artistic tours.


The singer, born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1949, broke into the music scene when he moved to the west coast and joined the cultural effervescence of California, getting a record deal with the Columbia Records label.

Before beginning the eighties, Money began to appear on the charts with songs like Baby hold on Y Two Tickets to Paradise, which won double-platinum recognition for its commercial success.

Money began to appear on the charts with songs like ‘Baby Hold On’ and ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’

In addition, he was one of the first artists to take advantage of the rise of the video clip after the premiere of the MTV channel, with his pieces for themes such as Shakin Y Think I'm in Love.

Your album Can’t Hold Back, launched in 1986, achieved a remarkable success shared between music critics and the public, but its promising musical career was altered by its problems caused by drug use.

Even so, Money's popularity continued in the US, where he presented new music and continued on stage with several concert tours.

Since 2018 he starred in a ‘reality show’ about his life, Real money, which has just opened the second season.

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