Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Singer Anitta stays up at 'El Chiringuito' - La Provincia

Singer Anitta stays up at 'El Chiringuito' - La Provincia

Anitta has just released a new album, Kisses, that endorses it as one of the most relevant artists of the moment in the pop internationally.

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Therefore, the Brazilian is visiting promotional in Spain to publicize this release in which each song has its own video clip and there are collaborations of Snoop Dogg, Caetano Veloso or Snoop Dogg.

What is curious is that in this promotional plan someone would think that it was necessary that Anitta pass through El Chiringuito, the soccer club that can be in the early hours of Mega until late hours.

The schedule is already somewhat strange for this promotional task, as Anitta herself recognizes in the puzzling brief interview that maintains with the presenter Josep Pedrerol and in which there are problems of understanding because of the language.

At a certain moment, she lets fall that she does not know very well why she is there at that hour, to which Pedrerol jokes with a 'But have they forced you to come? ' that helps to leave with laughs of the mess.

The artist tells immediately that from her label she was told that it was a good idea to go to El Chiringuito for having a predominantly male audience.

His passage of little more than five minutes through the program also includes the 'interpretation' of his single Poquito, while the program's tertulianos do timid dangers of dancing standing on their backs.

The reactions on social networks, mainly amazed by the presence of the artist in this program that does not hit anything, did not wait and ended up putting the note of humor to all this nonsense.


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