February 25, 2021

Singapore wants to be business "shuttle" for Pacific Alliance in Asia

Singapore wants to be a "shuttle" for the business of the economies of the Pacific Alliance in Asia and as a center of the interests of the bloc's partners in that region, affirmed on Friday in Efe the Minister of State of the Asian country Chee Hong Tat.

"Singapore is very interested in strengthening our business ties with Latin America and with the Pacific Alliance, because we see a lot of perspective in our joint work and in the developments that we can take to the Pacific Alliance and vice versa, of the countries of the Alliance. to Asia using Singapore as a shuttle and as a hub in Southeast Asia, "he said.

Hong Tat is in Lima to participate in the Business Summit of the Pacific Alliance, and was a speaker at a table that discussed international trade in the region and the world.

Precisely, Singapore is one of the countries that has advanced the most in its path to integrate as an Associated State to the bloc formed by Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru, along with other economies such as Australia, Korea and New Zealand.

It is expected that this Saturday, during the XIV Summit of presidents of the bloc, announcements will be announced in the negotiations for the entry of those countries, in addition to Ecuador, to associate status.

Hong Tat was convinced that Singapore can play a role as "connector and bridge" between both regions, separated by "geography and large distances."

"(Distance) does not mean that we can not negotiate, that ideas can not flow, that people can not visit each other," he said.

In particular, he pointed to new technologies as facilitators of business relations, since "they reduce the distance and with it there are more opportunities, more perspective, for us to work together".

Hong Tat also referred to the trade and tariff war between the US and China, a matter that "will not fail to affect any country, big or small."

"Singapore shares the vision of many other countries, hoping that the US and China can find a way to resolve their differences and find a constructive way to move forward"

In this regard, the Asian minister pointed out that as countries and as "shareholders" in the global trading system, "Singapore and the Pacific Alliance share a very similar goal: we both want a multilateral, open and rule-based global trading system. "

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