June 18, 2021

Singapore records its first two deaths from COVID-19

Singapore has registered its first two deaths from COVID-19, after being the first country in Southeast Asia to detect the first cases of coronavirus in early January and impose the first measures to contain it, reports this Saturday the Ministry of Health of the city ​​State.

Both patients, a 75-year-old Singaporean citizen and 64-year-old Indonesian man, died this morning in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), where they had been admitted on February 23 and 13. March respectively, according to a ministry statement.

The city-state of 5.6 million inhabitants has registered 385 cases of COVID-19 so far, of which 190 are imported, including a 22-year-old Spanish resident who had returned from a trip to Spain on June 13. March.

According to a study by Harvard University, the prosperous Singapore’s ability to detect cases of COVID-19 is up to three times greater than that of countries in the rest of the world, thanks to its sophisticated epidemiological surveillance system.

The country was one of the first to deploy controls to detect the new coronavirus and to close the borders to travelers from China, except for nationals or foreigners with residence.

Later, it also applied the same restrictions to travelers from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Iran and South Korea.


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