Since when does the elm bear pears?




Just when Sanchez He has been convincing us for days that everything is going well, that Spain is in the midst of a recovery so great that it scares prices and when has just struck down the amendments to all of its BudgetsBrussels is coming and, in a spoilsport plan, it tells us that growth will be only 4.6%, 1.6 points lower than in its July estimate. All those who voted yesterday against the candidacy of Enrique Arnaldo To the Constitutional they scrutinized to the millimeter his professional career and his personal adventures. Very good, but were there any of those who voted in favor of the Budgets who have stopped to think for a couple of seconds where the calculations are?

of income that sustain them, in view of the new forecasts? Well that's not right. In fact, it's not good at all.

In reality, this new downward forecast is not important because of what it tells us - it is just one of the countless made after the INE's major mistake - but because of who and when it says it. You must have heard that Brussels is the hand that rocks the aid piggy bank And you'll know that you'll be running tough quarterly checks before you loosen your generosity. Well, this data will have increased your concern and decreased your confidence that we are capable of fulfilling the agreed commitments. Those of which we did not know anything, like the new basis for calculating pensions. A calculation that, taking the whole working life and given that, with exceptions, we earn less at the beginning than at the end of it, will mean a decrease in the pension to be received. Do not have any illusions, do not doubt that it will be so, that is why the calculation is changed.

So while employers complain about rising contributions and unions rage about lower pensions, carriers plan a strike, prices are skyrocketing, so is energy, industrial margins are compressing and the recovery is weak. What will Sanchez tell us the day that everything really goes well? The unions dismiss as incomprehensible the constant oscillation of messages and positions of the Government on such sensitive issues and announce that they will not consent to cuts in pensions, at the same time that they summon the Government to comply with the agreement. Good suggestion, but why do you suppose that elm produces pears?

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