Simplicity obtains first prize - The Province

Simplicity obtains first prize - The Province

A group of 15 4th grade students of the Eso, of the Poeta Toms Morales Institute, won yesterday the first award of the 25 edition of the School Painting Prizes awarded by the La Regenta center. The students made a work inspired by the sample 'Modern Hbitos' of Lecuona and Hernndez.

A painting of abstract surrealism, made by a group of fifteen students of 4th of the Institute Poeta Tomás Morales Institute, was lifted yesterday with the first award of the 25th edition of the School Painting Awards Foundation Disa-La Regenta. The work was made after a visit of the students to the exhibition Modern habits of Beatriz Lecuona and Óscar Hernández and stands out for showing an explosion of bright colors under a neutral background. An original work that, curiously, transmits calm and tension in the viewer.

Students from seventeen schools and institutes of Gran Canaria attended the awards ceremony that every year awards this art center. The event served to inaugurate this exhibition, which will be open to the public until February 2, consisting of 32 murals made by 326 students who participated in the training activities organized by the Department of Education and Cultural Action of La Regenta. The works, and the diversity of styles, showed the talent of these future artists. The two runner-up prizes went to the 1st Baccalaureate of the Instituto Pérez Galdós during the exhibition Shots to the Air of Carlos Matallana and 1st of the Eso of the Colegio Hispano Inglés made in the exhibition The end of the world as a work of art. Finally there were also two special mentions to the institutes of Teror and Reedbed.

Anabel Meneses, 16, spoke as a spokesperson for the winning institute. "The work we did in just one hour," said the young woman. "As it was an abstract exhibition we came up with the idea of ​​doing it with spots and then turning them around, without losing much time in the details". The young woman says that the style of Lecuona and Hernández was full of attention, full of minimalist interventions that alluded to some aspect of daily life. Anabel, who is also part of a rock band called Mad 214, adds that "since there were no figures, we decided to take everything out as three light bulbs."

Parallel to the contest, the art room includes the exhibition Goal 25, a project carried out by students of the second year of the high school of the Instituto Primero de Mayo, which, coordinated by their drawing and photography teacher David Pedrós, and based on the work of Paco Guillén, uses this technique to achieve cooperative artistic learning


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