April 21, 2021

Simon warns that wearing gloves is dangerous if not done properly

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has warned that wearing gloves to avoid the coronavirus “is dangerous if not done very well”, since touching your face with dirty gloves is like not wearing them, and safer to keep your distance and wash your hands.

Simón spoke like this at the press conference in which he offered the daily data on the coronavirus pandemic, when asked about protective measures such as wearing gloves or disinfecting surfaces.

He recalled that the virus is transmitted by secretions of large drops from the mouth or nose, so the main thing is to maintain social distance and handwashing.

The use of gloves is “a good precautionary measure”, but “dangerous if it is not done very well”, so “you have to be very aware of what you do,” he warned.

“While we are wearing them, it is as if we are not wearing them. If we touch our faces with dirty gloves, it is as if we touch it with our hands,” he recalled.

Regarding surface cleaning, he explained that contact with objects is not considered the main cause of transmission of COVID-19, although it is difficult to assess when a person is in contact with patients or with surfaces where they have been able to leave coronavirus.

The doctor has explained that an epidemiological saying says that “the absence of evidence of an effect does not imply an absence of an effect”, that is, that it cannot be demonstrated that such contamination does not exist, so “you have to be very careful”, and it has stressed the importance of maintaining social distance and washing hands.


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