Simón confirms the detection of "less serious symptoms" in patients with covid-19

The director of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has confirmed that "less serious symptoms" have been observed in Spain in covid-19 infections, although he has pointed out that "there is still no clinical information that allows us to assess this situation".

This is what the expert at a press conference said this Friday, when asked about the "warning of less serious symptoms" by Italian virologists.

"I do not know if I would call a warning to something good," said Simon, describing as "good news" that "they are detecting that there is a milder symptomatology."

According to Simón, "in Spain there are already doctors who are considering this possibility", since it is known that there is now a much lower case fatality than a few weeks ago and that fewer cases require hospitalization.

This may be due, explained the epidemiologist, that "our most vulnerable groups are more protected", so "it is very likely that the cases that are detected now occur in younger, healthier and less vulnerable people", which enables a more favorable clinical evolution.

He also pointed out that the best evolution is due to the fact that hospitals are much less overloaded, so "the possibility of intensifying treatment is greater and a better prognosis can be made."

"But it is true that even in older people milder pictures are being detected," he stressed, although he said that the percentage is unknown.


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