May 15, 2021

Simón admits “inconsistencies” in the Ceuta data, with more cured than cases, “difficult to explain”

“We have two or three communities with which we have had a problem,” Simón admitted at the press conference held at the Palacio de la Moncloa. As he explained, his team tries to correct “the errors” that it is detecting but, meanwhile, it continues to offer the data so as not to “hide information”.

“This leads to some inconsistencies like this that are sometimes difficult to explain,” he acknowledged regarding the Ceuta data, which he has blamed on cases of Covid-19 in patients who had no symptoms and those who did. “That is, we have patients who have been notified with a PCR test or a serological test,” he explained.

“In order to follow the evolution of the epidemic correctly, at a certain moment some of the case definitions were modified in which we established that cases were to be followed by PCR and the serology data were to be reported in another way or in another way. Separate. In Ceuta this could be one of the explanations “, he pointed out.

In addition, he recalled that at the beginning of the epidemic, Ceuta did not carry out the tests in the autonomous city itself, but rather on the Peninsula.

Simón also pointed out that his team has detected that in the calculation of cures “perhaps a different denominator is being considered” and including more cures diagnosed with serology than PCR. “We are evaluating whether we have to correct that information so as not to use different denominators of things that we want to compare with each other,” he explained.


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