July 25, 2021

Simeone: "They will not confuse us" | sports

Simeone: "They will not confuse us" | sports

Not even when Atlético dominated Dortmund thanks to a strenuous pressure, signature of author, Simeone ran out of indications to do. He moved his arms to show the need to cover spaces in the field in which he had located some blade of grass without stepping. Because there could not be any green area on which some red and white taco had not left its mark. That was the mission, as sportingly practical as spiritually challenging against a team that had hurt him in pride, with four goals in Germany, of those that are not forgotten. "We understood well how to remove the spaces," he conceded in a press room, in perhaps, the only sentence that had to do with any strategic section of the party. There were many other messages to convey, because the week had been hard after the draw in Leganés, and grabbed a great game, one of the best that could have seen the Metropolitan Wanda gave rise to it.

"They will not confuse us. We have to continue on a path, which is to lock ourselves up and attack when we have spaces. Be strong, "the Argentine said. That did not stay there. "I understand that we can all talk about football, those who are coaches and those who do not, because this game transmits passion, but to say that being there where you have to transmit ideas is different," he explained.

Atlético did not lock up against Dortmund, whom he dominated even without possession of the ball, because when he had the ball on his side he knew much better what to do with it. Especially those for whom he spends more times during the game. Rodrigo, Thomas and Saúl, a line of three midfielders to which Correa joined at times, completed a game as effective as it was colorful. 48 passes made the first, of which only missed seven (85% of success, the most prominent), a goal assist handed the second to Griezmann, while the third opened the scoring. "Their party was extraordinary," Simeone praised. "They have all the automatisms of the game," discovered Lucien Favre, Dortmund coach.

"I'm happy at Atlético, ready to work to earn a place," said Thomas, who, in the absence of Koke, has consolidated himself as the center of the field. "We have made great games this season, but for the rival I would say that today has been one of the best," Rodrigo added. "We have to keep showing that we are candidates for everything," added the Spanish media, who also referred to the match lost in Germany. "It was deceptive. What is clear is that we are a team that if it differs from anything else is that we depend a lot on the intensity. If we lose it we will be one more, "he analyzed.

The kiss of Griezmann

"It was important to win because the defeat there had been a tough one and we wanted to play against them again," confirmed Griezmann, who wanted to justify his kiss to the shield after scoring the second goal. "I love this club very much," said the Frenchman, who again referred to his candidacy for the Golden Ball: "I do not know how they value things to give individual prizes, I feel very valued by my club and my teammates and that it is the most important thing. " Both the kiss and the goal, the third that marks in this Champions helped to see a happy new image of the athletic franchise player. "I love the Champions, they are always nice games to play. I think today we saw an athletic difficult to win, and although we have many important players off and they had to play to those who least participate all made a great game, "Griezmann resolved.

Before leaving the press room, Simeone recited a phrase almost in the tone of a theatrical narrator, to put the finishing touches to his speech and to give a boost to his inner thoughts: "In life, the present is the most important thing," he began. future is better and that's why you have to look. " And he left, smiling.

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