April 18, 2021

Simeone: "The decision to continue is for the players" | sports

Simeone: "The decision to continue is for the players" | sports

Just extended his contract until 2022, Diego Pablo Simeone He wanted to explain the arguments that have led him to prolong his contractual relationship with Atlético de Madrid. "As of walking I do not stop to analyze anything of what we have done. Soccer and life depend on today and what you are going to give. We have a very big challenge, a job and young people that can grow the team and the decision to continue on this path are the players, the environment, the people … but above all the players, we are convinced that we can grow with and we will continue to compete, which is the first thing I said when I arrived ", reflected Simeone. The argument was that of a coach who knows that in a few clubs he will find what Atlético gives him. It is pointed out as the soul of the club, the fans have it delivered and their salaries, about 20 million euros per season, it is complicated that they can now be offered in another entity.

"I'm not in the place to ask for anything. I am in the place to give, to thank the players we have and for seven years have kept this job and aspire as a coach to give players the tools to continue competing, "answered El Cholo when asked if he had any desire special for this season, that after the elimination of the Cup at the hands of Girona and the two consecutive defeats against Betis and Real Madrid have moved the team to seven points from the league head. All this with the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Juventus just five days from the start.

The Argentine coach can already count on Diego Costa, who can have a few minutes against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday (16.15). "Costa and Morata can be compatible from a consolidated work and a team structure. Costa is a barbarian, he is leaving, with ambition and as he is, he is a warrior. We hope he starts to take what he has inside, we need it. "

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