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Simeone: "It is the referees who have to decide when, how and why it has to be a penalty" | sports

Simeone: "It is the referees who have to decide when, how and why it has to be a penalty" | sports

The hand of Vukcevic was present in the statements of many of the protagonists of the meeting. The center of Thomas hit the arm that the Montenegrin had resting on the grass when trying to plug his center. "According to the circular 4 that the referees have sent this season that hand should not have been whistled," complained, annoyed but calm, Paco López, Levante coach. "There were times when it happened to us that when throwing a center in the hand it was not a penalty, and others that we did it and it was a penalty, it is they who have to decide when, how and why it has to be a penalty", Simeone said. .

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The discomfort of Paco López was not only in the signaling of the penalty by Prieto Iglesias. Also in the admonition that pointed to him for protesting one of his decisions. "I think that all the protests have not been measured in the same way, the pressure of this field with the referees is great and they are for us to affect them."

In the environment prior to the game were heard in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Wanda, where the Athletic had prepared all kinds of activities for fans, the name of Diego Godín. The central and Uruguayan captain is engaged in a renovation that does not arrive, and that unhappiness was also reflected among several fans. "I do not imagine an Athletic without Godín because he is a player of ours"; said Simeone. "But those decisions I say in another place, not here, which does not make sense," added the Argentine, who described the match against Levante as one of the best of the season "along with Borussia Dortmund."

"We have not been very good at the top, I was the first, failing passes, my legs were heavy, but we know that behind us we have the best defenses," said Griezmann. "Godin, who continues to do his thing, as always doing things well, Savic has been injured, but Giménez was ready to play, that is our strength," said the Frenchman, who also referred to the penalty kick. he wants to make a pass back and hits him in the hand, then each referee has his opinion and sees the play as he wants, luckily, he has called the penalty. " "It's a somewhat dubious penalty, a silly penalty that leaves us without points," said Rober, one of the most prominent Levante players. "It seems to me that Nikola does not see the ball, the center fell to me and it was an opportunity without danger, but it is a regulation thing".

"I use a little arm to stop the play, and that's where the referee came in to see if it was a foul or not." We have not changed our approach and we have managed not to despair, because having a goal annulled is something that mentally it affects but the team has not done it, "said Rodrigo about the play of Koke's canceled goal. "For me, if it was a penalty because it takes off the arm of the body, so I thought I saw it on the field, but I do not get into anything else." The referees are there to see the mistakes like any other person, "added Atlético .

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