Simeone: "I think we are paying a lot more than we deserve"

The coach of Atletico Madridthe Argentinian Diego Pablo Simeonvalued after his team's 4-3 victory against Getafe the merit of the whole having known how to "revert a 2-3 to a 4-3" having one less player, something that "is not for everyone" but that his players "made it".

"We have to make ourselves strong, the most important thing is that reversing a 2-3 to a 4-3 with one less in the situation we are in is not for everyoneand today the boys achieved it", highlighted Simeone in the press conference after the match.

In it he made a very detailed analysis of what he considered to be "three or four games that were played in one". In them, she opined that the first 25 minutes of his team were "very good".

"One of the best that we had been doing, very clearly, taking advantage of the forwards inside the area to add crosses and vertigo in the final part, we had a penalty in favor, we got 2-0, it seemed that the situation was heading, and The 2-1 goal appears, which was one of the few shots on goal that Getafe generated"started.

"From there, two penalties appear that are two penalties but not at all influential in the game, Cunha's on the side, Lemar's almost on the line. And we find that a game with 2-0 with a penalty in favor, the team quite well, losing 2-3 at home. The team reacted, was calm and found the 3-3", he continued.

For Simeon, Felipe Monteiro's foul on Mauro Arambarria kick without the ball when the Uruguayan left alone, is the shows the nervousness of the team.

"The unexpected appears. A move that I value as the anxiety, the nervousness that the team has, represented by the image of Felipe. Any of us could have been Felipe. He could not stop, he is very big, very strong, when he launched into that play he did not have a good destiny, " considered the coach.

"The unexpected happened, expulsion, possibly all black, one less, 3-3, 30 minutes to play, and I think we had temperance there, the changes came in handy, they ordered us (...) We defended well, there were no shots on goal, and that goal appeared that gives us hope", added Simeone.

The Atlético coach assured that his team has "their heads up" and recalled that football is "sometimes very back and forth". "It seems that we are paying what last season made us championbecause you have to be lucky to be champion, but I think we are paying much more than we deserve," he said.

The Atlético coach considered that this ability to get back up is very typical of the club, and he valued the determination of its players to continue fighting to qualify for the Champions Leaguehis current goal after being ruled out for the title.

"The team does not want to get out of the race it has to achieve. Last year we fought to be champion and now we fight to enter the 'Champions', and you have to accept it because it is reality. We need to enter the 'Champions', and to enter we need the people, the footballers, the leaders and us", he stated.

Asked about the penalties, Simeone said that "they are not influential in goal action." "In those cases it is that the team defended badly and you grab it by the shirt, and It was a chance to score, but in those two plays there is no scoring situation. It would seem like an excuse, now how we won I can explain them, "she argued.

The Atlético coach had words of praise for Angel Strapscorer of two goalsamong them the one that put the tie 3-3 on the brink of rest.

"Angel gives you life, play 15, 20, 30 or 90. We need it. It generates good things for us, because we feel identified with him. He must be in the year that has scored the most goalsand that generates growth for us, in a footballer like Correa who has cost him everything, and believe me that nobody has regulated anything he has," Simeone concluded.

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