Silvia Pérez Cruz returns to Gran Canaria on June 2 as part of the Mar Abierto festival

Silvia Pérez Cruz returns to Gran Canaria on June 2 as part of the Mar Abierto festival

The Open Sea Festival announced this Wednesday Silvia Perez Cruz as the second artist of the 2024 season with a concert she will offer next June 2, at 9:00 p.m., at the Alfredo Klaus Auditorium in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The entries They go on sale this Thursday on the Mar Abierto sales platform: and on the venue's own website.

The singer arrives in the Canary Islands with her new tour 'A lifetime, one day'. The project began to take shape when he began to compose this new work on March 21, 2020, which he recorded for a year in several cities: Barcelona, ​​Pontós, Madrid, Jerez, Buenos Aires, Coatepec (Mexico) and Havana.

During the creation of 'Impossible gender' (2020-2022), Elena Córdoba taught him this beautiful poem by William Carlos Williams that structured this show, this album and his entire life, according to the artist herself who concludes by stating that "he ordered the immensity flower by flower."

Among the reflections that led Silvia Pérez Cruz to this new album and tour, she says that when "she was 18 years old they told her that a samurai before becoming harakiri drew a haiku in the shape of a circle. I drew and kept this circle, this cover, for years; That wonderful line symbolizes many things: the soul, the body, without beginning, without end, balance, simplicity...», says the artist.

'A lifetime, a day' is a job that born from loneliness with the desire to unite solitudes: hence the contrast of the intimacy of a voice and a guitar with the choir. The shared song, the dissolution of the self, salvation. Silvia likes to imagine that the choir are the spectators so she will invite them to sing.

In the concerts of the tour, Sílvia Pérez Cruz: voice, guitar, keyboards and synthesizers will be accompanied by Carlos Montfort: violins, percussion, choirs; Martha Rome: cello, trumpet, choirs; Bori Tree: double bass, backing vocals; Juan Casanovas: sound technician, and Isa del Moral: lights and video operator.