July 25, 2021

Sílvia Munt premieres 'El precio' in Spanish | Culture

Sílvia Munt premieres 'El precio' in Spanish | Culture

The story of the great financial catastrophes tends to focus on specific dates: the crack of 29, the Black Monday of 1987, the spectacular fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008. These are moments that are often portrayed in the form of tragedy: bankruptcies, suicides, evictions. But then the drama comes. What happens after the storm? That's what the playwright Arthur Miller wanted to tell in his acclaimed work. The price. And that is, among other things, what pushed Sílvia Munt to direct it.

Munt's fascination with this piece is such that it is the second time he approaches it. Two seasons ago he set it up in Catalan in Barcelona – with great success – and next Tuesday he will premiere it in Spanish at the Pavón Kamikaze theater in Madrid, with a new cast. "The staging is the same, but the function is different because the actors are different. And that is very important in a work that tries to deepen the contradictions of the characters, "he said. The assembly can be seen in the capital until January 6 and then it will go on tour.

The new cast is formed by Gonzalo de Castro, Tristan Ulloa, Elisabet Gelabert and the Argentine Eduardo Blanco. This last one debuts in the Spanish tables although it is not a stranger for the public of this country, because it has participated in popular films like The son of the bride or Moon of Avellaneda.

The protagonists of the work are two brothers who are mentioned after 16 years without speaking and whose family was ruined in the crack of 29. The reunion is devastating. "At first I thought about updating the context, placing it in the 2008 crisis, but I saw that it was not necessary. The public is intelligent to see that the misery of now is the same as then. Moreover, I thought it best to leave it at that time to emphasize that we have not learned anything. "


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