March 5, 2021

Silvia fears for her life before the release of her attacker: “How will he kill me? Will I suffer?”

The gender violence it continues to leave a trail of victims, in many cases with suffering that is repeated over and over again. This is what happens to Silvia. His ex-partner leaves prison again this Sunday, where he was a repeat offender of harassment and assault and breaking telematic bracelets. Silvia fears for her life and asks that he Government of Navarra consider your dog an assistance animal, such as guide dogs, something that is currently denied. He suffered beatings, burns, rapes, insults and humiliations by his partner for 18 years. Her attacker will be released and she is sure he will go looking for her. He is afraid of whether he will make her suffer while killing her. Only your dog gives you some security and protection.


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