February 25, 2021

Silvia Dominguez, the revulsive from the bench of Spain against Russia in the Eurobasket

Silvia Domínguez (31-1-1987, Barcelona) has been in the national team all her life. He debuted in 2006 and since then is one of the staples in the golden age of Spanish basketball. The national team is measured today (15:00, Teledeporte) to Russia in the quarterfinals of the Eurobasket. A victory, in addition to the access to the fight for the medals, would give Spain the ticket to play the Pre-Olympic in February 2020. "The Russians are a team that plays on foot, they go to a few points, but if we are at our level there is no we have to worry In addition, our best basketball has yet to be seen, "says Silvia. In case of defeat, the Olympic gate would not close. Spain should play on Saturday against the loser of Serbia-Sweden to reach one of the first six places of the tournament and thus qualify for the Pre-Olympic.

Silvia is the first external spare part of Lucas Mondelo, the relay of the captain Laia Palau. The sixth player in minutes of the team (7.3 points and 2.3 assists per game) and a plunger coming off the bench. «This year I had a good preparation, not like what happened to me in the World Championship last year, that I suffered a muscular injury and I had a very bad time. Now I have my role clear and I have tools to help the team. I'm comfortable coming off the bench because it helps me to see how the game is developing, "he says. Spain arrives at the crosses after three wins (95-77 against Ukraine, 67-59 with England and 59-56 against Latvia) and has fulfilled the first objective: to avoid the previous crossing to the quarters.

The Russians had to play against Italy on Tuesday to be among the best eight. The conclusion of the championship until now has ratified the sensations with which the group arrived: "It is the most open of the last years because there are six teams that we can be fighting for gold. The test will be the quarterfinals that are sure to be very tight. The good thing is that we have shown that we can win in many ways ». The group has managed to adapt to the casualties of Alba Torrens and Sancho Lyttle. There was no other. "The good part of casualties, so to speak, is that as we have known from the beginning and it was not a last minute thing, we knew what we had to adapt to. We have all taken a step forward and we are very involved in the team ».

Silvia is the captain of the team that for years is the great benchmark of women's basketball in Spain, the Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca. "We have been involved with the city for many years and we are a benchmark, as is the national team. We have become a mirror in which many people look and not just basketball fans. It's true that medals and successes help, but this team is more than that, "he says.

The worst thing that Silvia Domínguez has in the concentrations and the championships is the theme of the kitchen. He loves to cook and it is something that helps him to escape from basketball. "I like it a lot and I'm also good at eating. In a championship it is quite monotonous and boring, except when we are in Spain because there is much more variety. It also has its good side because you do not have to worry about what you are going to cook tomorrow or in two days'. The base is clear with what would celebrate a new medal: "It would be something very typical of Spain. Some fish, some seafood, something rich and that does not have to be complicated much ».

For Lucas Mondelo, the one who never shuts down according to the base, Silvia Domínguez is the most rational, most sensible component of the group. "What I try to convey is always calm and here I try to help our captain, who is Laia. Each one of us is very clear about our role, "he says. And, do you see yourself playing in the national team like Laia Palau until almost 40? "As long as I'm physically well, my intention is to keep coming."

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