July 26, 2021

Silva feels “qualified to play now” and assures that his reference is Marcelo

Silva feels “qualified to play now” and ensures that his reference is Marcelo

A man of few words, shy, but with an overflowing illusion to do well at UD Las Palmas and justify why Almería paid a million euros for him last summer. This was sensed amid the already habitual terrible sound of telematic press conferences, yesterday increased by the mediation of a translation from Portuguese into Spanish.

“I have been very well received by the group and I hope we have a great season together. I come to support the group and the club, it is my goal, and to advance in my professional career ”, declared the Brazilian, on loan from the Andalusian club until the end of the season –the UD keeps a purchase option–.

“I feel very good and safe. I am adapted. We are sure that we are going to have a good season to be promoted to the First Division ”, insisted the full-back, who is clear about who is his reference as a footballer. “I pay attention to Marcelo, a great player, but now I only think about training a lot to help Las Palmas and become the best footballer possible,” he wished.

So Jonathan Silva has his sights high. He assured that he feels “physically well and capable of playing now”, although he will have to wait until next week to debut as yellow, since he cannot be registered until some of the players discarded by UD come out –Mantovani, Srnic, Raúl Fernández and Rivera–.

“In Almería things did not go as expected. I have worked hard and will continue to strive in Las Palmas to achieve my goals. The structure of the UD will help me to reach my maximum performance ”, he concluded. Word of left back, word of Jonathan Silva.


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