July 29, 2021

Silva and Silva, unlimited company | sports

Silva and Silva, unlimited company | sports

Although the reality is committed to the contrary, prejudice persists against smallness in football, subjected from its inception to an athletic evolution that should conspire against the little ones and gmads. Against lightness, in general. It is a mantra that has been heard since time immemorial and that, far from materializing, crashes against the evidence of Pele, Maradona and Messi, players of a few centimeters but of mythical stature in football. They are more rule than exception, and that is well known in Spain, whose golden age has coincided with a fascinating generation of geniuses in small format, from Xavi to Iniesta, through Cazorla and David Silva, last and wonderful Mohican of that unrepeatable poster.

David Silva was the best match in the duel of Manchester, where the City wiped the United with a perfect blend of intelligence, creativity and conviction. The distance between the two teams was enormous, but it became sidereal in the last 20 minutes, when United stood at a goal of the tie. Far from feeling it as a threat, Manchester City destroyed their rival with an exquisite display of football, closed with the symphony that preceded Gundogan's goal: 44 passes and 113 seconds with the ball between the feet of the 10 players who participated in the play

A minute later, David Silva was replaced by the young Phil Foden, another short promising, in the midst of a thunderous ovation. He has never been the most mediatic of the team, but he is the one most appreciated by the fans. A few years ago, in a poll among fans, he was chosen as the best player in City history, ahead of Colin Bell – splendid midfielder of the 60s and 70s – Agüero and Yayá Touré. With 32 years, released from his efforts with the selection and the anguish he went through for months, David Silva is producing the best season of his life, with an influence that also reaches the area. Get more and score more goals than ever.

Another Silva, as small, left-handed and brilliant, stood out in City's victory. A year after arriving at Pep Guardiola's team, Bernardo Silva is much more than the skillful but inconsistent end of Monaco. Your case represents the importance of learning, intelligence and competitive will. The discontinuous end of the previous season has transformed into a formidable midfielder. Its impact is so great that it has avoided the nostalgia for the injured Kevin De Bruyne, team flag in the last two years.

Bernardo and David Silva are the two vertices of the triangle that Fernandinho completes in the midfield. They barely reach 1.70. In a topical world, they would be victims of all the prejudices that define the Premier League: tackles, the physical vigor, the aerial game, the complete friction, the pitch, the cold, the rain and the wind. That is, the traditional January night in the field of Stoke City or any Sunday in front of the stems squad that runs Jose Mourinho.

Far from being annihilated in England, the two Silva represent better than anyone the unique revolution that Pep Guardiola has transferred to the Premier League. They play like the angels and fight without fainting, two little giants who impose their law in the field and avoid the topicazos that weigh so much on football. There was only one problem: you had to dare to put them together. He dared the same coach who defined a time with Iniesta and Xavi. Now they are David and Bernardo Silva. Around these tiny players, a team is willing to mark an era in England.

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