April 10, 2021

Silence and tears on the grill – The Province

Silence and tears on the grill - The Province

Before the races of the last round of the Canary Islands Speed ​​Championship an emotional minute of silence was observed in homage to the fatal victims of the fatal accident last Sunday in Veneguera. All runners were summoned on the grid accompanied by the relatives of Jesús Carmelo Delgado and Angharad Rodríguez, well known among the fans of the two wheels, to honor the four deceased.

Just a week after the frontal collision between the BMW s1000rr of Jesús Carmelo Delgado and Angharad Rodríguez with the Honda 70 that Carmelo Lorenzo piloted with his son Aimar Lorenzo, the world of Canarian motorcycling decided to pay tribute to the four dead on the asphalt of the circuit Maspalomas The Berriel. "It's been a very tough week," said one of the pilots just before the minute of silence.

Because in the stands and among the bikes that covered the parking lot, there was no talk of anything else. "It has left my body touched," said Daniel García. This biker, natural Telde, stressed that it was difficult to take his mount after the event in Los Azulejos. "When this happens and you get on your motorcycle you can not think of anything else." And it is that few remember such a tragic accident. The curious who watched the bikes parked in the enclosure stopped before a new BMW s1000rr and said the same thing. "With one like this one was hit …", "This is the one I had …", they repeated.

In the zone of boxes The whole family of Jesus Carmelo Delgado, who competed for several years in the Canarian Speed ​​Circuit, met. His father, Máximo Delgado, conveyed his condolences to the family of Carmelo and Aimar Lorenzo. "It has hurt a lot," he insisted. "We are human and the pain that this family has to feel must be inhumane," he said. "We do not know the Arucas family, but we want to tell them that we are very sorry," he added.

Delgado, father of four children, was the one who introduced Jesus Carmelo to love for the engine. "He liked motorcycles more than anything else, competed in these races but left because his daughter insisted that he get off," he revealed.

Delgado said that "there are no words to express the pain" that the family goes through. "A child can endure the death of their parents, but a father can never overcome the death of a child," he said.

The family of Jesús Carmelo and Angharad Rodríguez were on the grid with the pilots. During the minute of silence, a relative of Jesus Carmelo read a letter addressed to the four deceased. In it he recalled the passion for the two wheels of both families. He stressed that the tribute held yesterday at El Berriel was in honor of the four, and that they will always be remembered with great affection.

It was a simple tribute and felt by all the motor world. The stands accompanied in strict silence the minute of tribute, which ended with a strong and prolonged applause. Tears fell on the faces of more than one pilot and several spectators. "This is very hard," said Juan Luis Alvarez. "You have to go with a thousand eyes on the road, any detail that escapes you is what can make you end in disaster," he concluded.

Jorge Melián arrived from the north of the island to watch the races. "I did not really want to come, because bad things happen in your head since the accident," he acknowledged. All the riders thought of the four lives that were lost a week ago in Veneguera. "Some go to more than what is owed there," said Melián. "But all of us who ride a motorcycle come up at one time or another," he added.

Maybe with the event and after the tribute yesterday, more bikers are aware and drive more cautious on the roads of the interior. "To enjoy the curves, you do not have to put on a knee," said Melián. Yesterday, the pilots roared in honor of Jesus, Angharad, Carmelo and little Aimar.


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