February 27, 2021

Sierra Nevada will open with reduced capacity on slopes and exclusive sale of ski pass online

Skiers on a ski lift in the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

Skiers on a ski lift in the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

The winter season of Sierra Nevada will open the 2020/21 season on Friday December 18 with a 50 percent capacity limitation on slopes, sale of ski pass exclusively online and capacity reduction in all establishments, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía.

With these conditions, Sierra Nevada establishes as skiable areas, as of December 18, the slopes of Veleta, Borreguiles, Rio and Loma de Dílar (always depending on the weather and snow conditions); opens seven mechanical means and limits the capacity of skiers to 50% until the extension of the skiable surface and the opening of new lifts allows its extension.

On the other hand, the sale of passes will be carried out exclusively online, so that the ticket offices will remain closed for the sale of daily passes, and the opening of the Borreguiles restaurant will be adapted to the capacity defined by the health authorities for each phase.

The CEO of Cetursa Sierra Nevada, Jesús Ibáñez, has shown his satisfaction that the Granada station can give the kick-off to the winter season And, although it will occur later than usual, he stressed that it will do so with almost a meter of snow accumulated in some areas and the possibility of offering a “magnificent experience” to users. “We are looking forward to welcoming all the people from Granada and Andalusia to our ski resort,” he added.

Ibáñez has also influenced that the station opens with a rigorous protocol of security measures against the Covid-19 and has emphasized the importance of users collaborating in this regard, both in maintaining safety distances in the different areas and in the use of the mask.

Ski passes available

For the limitation of access to the ski area, Sierra Nevada, which will deduct from the capacity of season pass holders, long duration pass holders and holders of ski days not consumed due to the premature closure of the previous season, will report daily on the website of the percentage of ski pass that can be purchased and will block those days that are complete.

All sales will be online. To do this, the station concluded on Friday the free shipping campaign of rechargeable ski pass cards without having to make a previous purchase. From today, this shipment will also be free, but it will necessarily require the purchase of at least one day of skiing. Alternatively, for last minute purchases, rechargeable ski pass collection points will be established in Pradollano, as detailed by Cetursa in a note.

In the case of a day pass, previously purchased online, it can be collected at the station’s ATMs by entering the digital purchase code.

Criteria to establish capacity

Sierra Nevada establishes the capacity on slopes taking into account the transport capacity of the lifts that are operational each day, the waiting time of users before accessing said lifts, the skiable surface and the frequency of descents of the average user on the slope of the slopes that come into service each day. It is estimated that a skier or snowboarder skis for an average of five hours a day on routes that add up to 3,700 meters in altitude.

Taking advantage of the obligation to limit the capacity, the station will delve into the calculation of the capacity by introducing other variables such as difficulty of the slopes that are put into service.

To this will be added a measurement on the ground of the behavior of the user by hourly sections and its effect on the access queues in ski lifts and distribution in the skiable area that is enabled every day.


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