July 29, 2021

Should the 8-M demonstration have been canceled?

Germany cancels the concentrations of more than a thousand people, while in Spain Health was limited to “advise against” assistance to yesterday if there were symptoms

Thousands of people came yesterday to the demonstrations convened throughout Spain for Women’s Day, concentrations supported by Public Health despite the epidemic of coronavirus. Minister Salvador Illa confined himself to advising people with symptoms that did not come and who were subjected to isolation. But in the current scenario, with more than 600 infected and 17 deaths, many wonder if these concentrations should have been canceled following the example of other countries such as Germany. With more than 900 cases of coronavirus, its Minister of Health asked to cancel the concentrations and manifestations of more than 1,000 people to stop the spread of the epidemic in the country.

In Spain, at the moment, this measure is not contemplated. Yesterday, Illa clarified that Spain is still in the containment scenario, which means that no measures will be taken to limit agglomerations, such as those of 8-M, because “there is no situation at the level of uncontrolled country,” he said for his The director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón. However, several experts consulted by this newspaper disagree with the protocol that the Government is following to stop the epidemic. In his opinion, the manifestations of 8-M, “at least that of Madrid”, the community with the largest outbreak, with more than 200 cases should have been canceled. And two reasons are cited: first, “because a rebound of cases is being seen, with constant attention from health services” and, second, “because the Madrid demonstration is the one that most people call, citizens of other communities come and You run the risk of exporting the virus to other areas of the country, something that has already happened in Galicia and Murcia, for example ».

According to the latest count of the Ministry of Health, Spain accounted for 589 infected yesterday, 159 more than on Saturday, which represents an increase of 20% of cases per day. 60% of these cases are concentrated in three communities and 70% in four, so, in his opinion, “there is no situation at the level of uncontrolled country.” About the deaths, seven new ones were notified yesterday: three women in the Basque Country of 92, 88 and 87 years, three in Madrid, the 77-year-old male who remained in the ICU of the Torrejón Hospital; an 88-year-old man died at the Hospital del Sureste; and another of 73 admitted to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation. All three presented previous pathologies. Zaragoza’s victim died in the hospital, was 85 years old and lived in a nursing home.


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