May 10, 2021

Should mobile phones be banned in classrooms?

2019-09-11 18:04:33

The mobile phone is the eternal companion of a teenager and of course they also take it to class. In most Spanish centers its use is prohibited, but more and more schools in which mobile phones are integrated as a learning method are proliferating. We find two conflicting examples in the city of Seville. In the School Escolapios children use it when authorized by a teacher. Thus they instill, they say, a responsible use of technologies. The vision is totally contrary in the Altair School, where they have chosen to ban them because it is the way to remove students from the risks of technologies such as cyberbullying or mobile phone addiction. Unlike France, which has prohibited it by law, in Spain the decision to allow its use or not depends on each center. A debate that Madrid and Galicia have regulated by vetoing them, although some exceptions are contemplated.


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