Should I pay the real estate agent if I have sold the apartment on my own?

Should I pay the real estate agent if I have sold the apartment on my own?


After several months with the house for sale through several real estate without results, I finally found a buyer on my own. Since the agencies have not done anything, should I pay them some kind of commission? (Consultation of Sara Vázquez)

Responds Ferran Font, director of the Cabinet Studies of

From we always recommend hiring the services of a real-estate agency to help us in such an important process in our life as buying or selling a house. These real estate agencies can have their income linked to the success of the operation as a percentage of the price. If there is no success in the operation, this type of income will not be generated.

On the one hand, if in the contract with the real estate agency an exclusivity clause is signed during a stipulated period of time, but during that period no transaction is closed, the client may cancel this service without paying any commission. However, if after a buyer is found and it is proved that he was a contact resulting from the management of the real estate offices, the agencies will be entitled to charge his commission.

If during the period of exclusivity, the owner manages to sell the house without mediation from the agency, he will not have to pay said commission, since this exclusivity contract only links the owner with other real estate.


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