Short or the sentence of hybris

María Jesús Pérez


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In the Greek philosophy they like to make human beings part of an order called cosmos, in which there is no discernible distinction between the human and the divine, but in which they recognize themselves as distinct from the divine. They know they are limited, deadly and, of course, not omnipresent. But alas! By being aware of their mortality, and knowing their own limits, they know the possible existence of transgression. Desiring beyond the orderly to achieve equal status with the gods through the narcissistic ego. Since one arrives where it arrives ...

In the ancient Greece they had it clear. In the word «Hybris» They find the explanation. The state of absence of moderation, of major transgression, in which none of the human beings should fall but in which unfortunately more than one falls. Because excessiveness designates the fact of wanting more than the just measure assigned by destiny. And, what a coincidence! (Or causality ?, eternal doubt) who fall into the «Hybris» they are those in charge of governing. Those who sin for the so-called "pleonexia," an insatiable motivation that always wants to have more. Although generalize, you know, neither is the right thing, nor the absolute truth.

Examples, many. Some (not all, of course) among those who ruled (looted ?, Justice is in it) the extinct savings banks. The decline of some entities that began with their regulation, when the PSOE approved in 1985 the LORCA, of which only one of its three objectives was fully met: the democratization of its governing bodies, in short, the entry to sack, which barbarian in Rome, of ALL the political parties of the time and of the majority unions in the general assembly and the board of directors. Nest of future transgressors with the ínfulas of gods ... Without generalizing, of course.

Rodrigo Rato had everything in his favor to get to Olympus of the gods without transgressing the order. He climbed to the heights, to fall later to lead, which twilight of the gods. Considered as "the best democracy minister of democracy", he was in the short list of succession to his boss, José Mª Aznar, in front of the PP. The only survivor of the one that could have been Rajoy's nascent first government - damaged by the attacks of March 11, 2004 - was elevated to the top of the international scene, with the rank of head of state at the head of the IMF. Three years later, he returned to Spain. The "his" placed him at the head of one of the "nests": Caja Madrid, then Bankia, whose final disaster reveals this splendid curriculum and leaves him entangled in a judicial journey from which he already has his first sentence: four years and means of imprisonment for the cards «black» ... Punishment of the gods to the «hybris» Greek, or nemesis, whose effect is to return the individual within the limits that crossed. Rato is already a symbol of the lack of maturity of the Spanish politician unable to understand that behind a position of State is the obligation of public service. Never a desire for power ... or profit.

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