Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Shopping about one billion in a minute in single day startup in China

The gold day for Chinese e-commerce, Single Day, started this midnight in the Asian country (16.00 GMT on Sunday) with purchases worth 1,000 million dollars (907 million euros) in just one minute in the platforms of the electronic giant Grupo Alibaba.

At twelve o'clock on the 11th of the 11th month the offers were activated, millions of Chinese began to buy compulsively and Alibaba began its order counting, with the aim of breaking the sales records via the internet in a single day .

In the first five minutes alone, products worth $ 4.3 billion were sold on platforms such as Taobao or T-Mall in this shopping party similar to American Black Friday, which is celebrating its eleventh edition.

The goal is to beat the $ 30.649 million sold in one day last year, a figure that is expected to be achieved as more and more Internet users in China and people who buy online.

In fact, according to the latest quarterly results of Grupo Alibaba published at the beginning of November, annual active consumers in China reached 693 million, 15.3% more than a year earlier.

The festival emerged in 2009 with the participation of only 27 stores and a collection of just 52 million yuan.

To compare the magnitude of the number of sales that are reached each year on Single Day, they are 2.5 times larger than the total of "Black Friday" ("Black Friday") and Cyber ​​Monday ("Cyber ​​Monday") together , the days in which the merchants of the United States launch their offers.

Although most purchases are made in China, there are also international transactions since the company is present in other countries thanks to its AliExpress platform.

Although the rest of online sales platforms have joined the day, as well as thousands of physical stores, Alibaba is the main promoter of the festival.

In fact, he celebrates it in style, with a previous televised gala in which artists and celebrities encourage people to buy.

Today's show, which ended with a countdown to mark the beginning of shopping, was held in the city of Shanghai and featured performances by artists such as the American singer Taylor Swift.

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