July 9, 2020

Shooting Sunday in LA PROVINCIA – La Provincia

LA PROVINCIA / DLP became a plat yesterday with the filming of scenes from 'El Quemao', a television series by Blisse Productions, which is named after one of the best waves in the world. Surfing and urban speculation are the background of a plot rich in characters that values ​​the Canarian territory.

Alicia is a Madrid journalist who arrives in the Canary Islands to investigate a case of real estate corruption in Lanzarote. The character, who gives life to the actress Estefanía de los Santos-, begins his journey in Gran Canaria, specifically in the writing of a newspaper directed by a friend, who goes to look for information. In essence, this is one of the scenes that was shot yesterday in the newspaper LA PROVINCIA / DLP, and that is part of The burning, a nine-episode television series, from the producer Blisse Productions, based on the atmosphere of a surfhouse located in Lanzarote, where the lives of characters who arrive on the Island from different parts of the world intersect.

Surfing, politics, urban corruption, ecology, environmental sustainability and human miseries, configure the ingredients of a story rich in characters. "It is a series of actors, its strong point is the characters and lives that intersect. It is inspired by what happens in places like the Canary Islands, in urban corruption policies that destroy a territory that is so beautiful," said Angela Yánez Santana, executive producer of the series with Francis Marrero, director and screenwriter of it.


The project is named after El Quemao, one of the best waves on the island of Lanzarote, recognized worldwide, which can reach up to 10 meters. It breaks over a shallow living volcanic reef near the coast, which makes it a deep and fast tube machine. "What is beautiful is dangerous when it breaks. Not everyone can surf it," says Angela Yánez as a track. "The image of everything is taken great care, because aesthetically the Canary Islands is one of the best places in the world. Undoubtedly, it is coming here to roll for tax incentives, but also because there are magical and unique places."

The series is inspired by José María Cabrera, a Canarian surfer, recognized internationally. In fiction it will be Fran, a character that gives life Alex Zacharías, who runs the El Reboso surfhouse with Lola, a role played by Irene Montalá. Fran struggles with his weapons to keep the place out of urban speculation.

Another highlight of the script is the character of Julio Castrillo, a Madrid businessman who lives in Gran Canaria, played by Manuel Bandera. Castrillo, with interests in many economic sectors of the Islands, bases its success on the purchase of wills.

Adriá Collado, meanwhile, puts himself in the shoes of the politician Sergio Pineda, a Catalan by birth, who in fiction is an advisor to the Lanzarote Town Hall, island to which he moved when he finished his political career, to marry his Canarian girlfriend, from which he is already separated, but with whom he had a son, the reason he stayed in Lanzarote.

The cast is completed by Tzeitel Rodríguez, who plays Maria a biologist and ecologist; Horacio Colomé, who gives life to Ricardo, Surf photographer; José María Cabrera, Rafael in fiction, stockbroker; Christian Sánchez, who will be Jaime, a hotel entrepreneur; Saida Fuentes, a nurse and surf trainee named Amaia; Luis Díaz, Carlos in the series, a surf instructor in El Reboso; or Ángela Yánez, Laura in fiction.

"One of the things that I liked most about this production is that all the actors and actresses who have come from abroad love their role. And above all, they like to show a reality that threatens the territory, they interpret people that they came from outside and stayed here because they were trapped by this land, "said Ángela Yánez.

This is the case of Alicia, the Madrid journalist who arrives in the Canary Islands to investigate a case of real estate corruption, and pretends to be a surf student at the El Reboso school house. This character is played by Estefanía de los Santos – known for roles like María de la O in the Movistar series Plague-, which yesterday starred in the scenes shot in the editorial office of LA PROVINCIA / DLP. "I like my role as a journalist. The series fascinates me, and I am grateful to put my grain of sand to denounce these realities of corruption, of speculation …".

For her, shooting in the Canary Islands is "a fantasy", and it values ​​not only the weather, but the hospitality of the islanders. "The people are lovely, which I already knew because I was living here for a time, but meeting this feeling of good people, good weather, it's great, it's going to be a wonderful experience," he said.

The Sevillian actress emphasized the importance that the Canary Islands are gaining in the audiovisual sector. "I really like the industry that is being generated here, in the Islands. The tourism It is very good, you must continue giving the world this wonderful weather and great beaches, but an entire town should not depend solely on tourism. Hence the importance of generating own industry in something that works, such as cinema, television, the show. Because culture works despite politicians striving to destroy it. "

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