Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

"Shooting in Spain" brings together US film producers and Spain

The main producers of American cinema, such as Universal, HBO and Netflix, met today with a large group of Spanish companies to enhance collaboration between both countries in the industry of the seventh art during the "Shooting in Spain".

The meeting, organized in Los Angeles (USA) by the Spain Film Commission (SFC) and the Secretary of State for Tourism of Spain (Setur), has the support of the US ambassador to Spain during the administration of the president Barack Obama (2009-2017), James Costos, who before serving was an HBO executive.

Precisely, at the headquarters of these studies, a group of fifty representatives of the main Spanish and American companies held meetings in order to move more filming of Hollywood to Spain and also for the Spanish industry to take advantage of the opportunities of California and the rest of North America.

"The meeting has a double mission, to promote the possibilities of Spain in filming and also to open the doors of the US to Spanish professionals," explained the president of the SFC, Carlos Rosado.

On the American side, executives and producers of studios such as Disney, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros attended, as well as content platforms such as Netflix and HBO.

Those responsible for these companies were able to share their projects with about thirty Spanish producers, including MediaPro and Secuoya, to strengthen ties and foster future collaborations.

The strength of the Spanish, increasingly important in the United States, along with the landscape wealth of Spain and its good infrastructure were the attractions exposed to Hollywood executives to cross the Atlantic, something that according to James Costos is also advantageous for the industry American filmmaker that seeks to leave its traditional headquarters in California.

The filming of "Game of Thrones", the successful HBO series, in locations on the Iberian Peninsula were presented as an example of recent collaboration between the two states.

"On the other hand, it is also important that Spain knows what California can offer," said Costs.

In this regard, the director of the California Film Commission, Colleen Bell, stressed that "California and Spain share certain characteristics such as diversity and the good climate" that provide good working environments for the film industry.

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