She turns to the CGPJ to prove that her boyfriend is innocent of sexual assault - La Provincia

The family of the suspect of sexual assault feels "shattered" by these facts, which qualify as "injustice" and does not know what to do from now. The inmate's wife remembers that "everyone is innocent until proven otherwise."

She explains that “we are helpless” from the judicial and economic point of view. ”In that home,“ my husband worked and from there I and our daughter lived, we have no money, not even to eat, and my daughter has been without her father for months. Is that justice? "

According to the environment of the accused of the aforementioned crime, the rapporteur magistrate of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has recently resolved three resources of the defense and the answers in all of them are "copies and paste"; "since they repeat the same thing stated by the head of the Court of Güímar and everything indicates that they have not even read the case, only what it says" the representative of the Public Ministry and the judicial authority of First Instance and Instruction.


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