She gave birth on a street in Madrid when she was waiting for a taxi to go to the hospital

A 21-year-old woman has given birth in Madrid to a girl when she was waiting for a taxi to go to a hospital for delivery, reported Efe Emergencias Madrid.

Little Anais was ahead of the arrival of the vehicle and was born shortly before 3:00 am in Villaveza Street, in the Madrid district of Villaverde.

Her mother had broken water at home and was surprised by the birth, in which she was assisted by pedestrians who were even in charge of cutting the umbilical cord.

An endowment of the Samur Civil Protection arrived shortly after the place of the facts and attended mother and daughter, verifying that both were well.

The health workers performed the "skin on skin", the usual maneuver after delivery that involves placing the baby in direct contact with the mother's breast, so that the newborn perceives the heat and body odor of the mother.

After reviewing the umbilical cord, the mother and her baby were transported in an ambulance to the Maternity area of ​​the Hospital 12 de Octubre, accompanied by the father, the source explained.

Anais's was the second delivery of the woman.

The baby took 10 points (the maximum) in the Apgar test, which takes place in the first minutes of life to assess if the newborn needs help after delivery.


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