May 17, 2021

Sharp Objects soundtrack: Series songs: 'Wounds open' and Led Zeppelin as therapy | TV

Sharp Objects soundtrack: Series songs: 'Wounds open' and Led Zeppelin as therapy | TV

In Open wounds (Sharp Objects), the HBO series based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, each Led Zeppelin song that plays on the Camille Preaker player is the equivalent of one of the cuts that the Amy Adams character self-inflicts. It is a way to continue with self-mutilation, this time spiritual, not physical, after having left a psychiatric hospital. But at the same time it is therapy, a way of not really hurting yourself and moving on with your life. The band Jimmy Page and Robert Plant let their songs sound in movies and series very rarely, only if it is to be heard at special times.

Camille is an alcoholic journalist with many traumas who, despite herself, has to return to her hometown to investigate the murders of two girls. During the days he spends there he has to live with his mother, his stepsister and the memory of a dead sister. Research and family drama are mixed in a thriller Southern in which the songs are fundamental (and all come from a radio, an iPod, a record player …) and that has no incidental music. The lyrics of many of the songs give clues or are directly related to the mystery that is trying to unravel (something that already happened in Big Little Lies, by the same director, Jean-Marc Vallée). Lyrics in which, among other things, the word mom appears repeatedly (whoever has already seen the whole series will understand it better).

But there are not only songs by Led Zeppelin, in fact, there are only four (which are heard repeatedly, even in such a subtle way that it is difficult to appreciate them). The soundtrack, coordinated by Susan Jacobs, who won last year the first Emmy in history for the musical supervision of a series, Big Little Lies, also has themes of The Acid, Steve Miller Band, LCD Soundsystem, Carl Perkins, Snoop Dog or Leon Bridges, among many (you can hear all the songs in the playlist below). The titles of credit, with variations of the theme of the fifties Dance and Angela, by Franz Waxman, and which is reinterpreted in each episode, also give the series an important musical personality.

Dance and Angela – Franz Waxman

In the house of the Preaker family music always plays on the turntable. This 1951 theme, which was used in the movie A place in the sun (with Elisabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters and Montgomery Clift), is the beginning of the series. In the following seven chapters versions (sometimes unrecognizable) of this subject are heard.

Thank You – Led Zeppelin

Camille goes through Wind Gap, her hometown, listening to this song in her car. Camille listens to Led Zeppelin as a way to evade her inner pain, something she learns with Alice (Sydney Sweeney) in the clinic.

Tumbling Lights – The Acid

It is the song that sounds at the end of the first episode, after the sequence of the skating, with Camille in the bathtub listening to music and the approach to her skin full of words "tattooed" with some sharp object. A disturbing topic for a promising first chapter. Follow in the credit titles.

What is and What Should Never be – Led Zeppelin

Again Camille in his car through the streets of Wing Gap, that town that looks nice on the outside, but that hides secrets and happy characters. the song also sounds when Camille returns to his car to sleep.

Black Screen – LCD Soundsystem

Another song that sounds a couple of times, including the final credits of the second episode. Also when Camille grabs a needle to scratch her torso.

In the Evening – Led Zeppelin

It is the theme with which closes the series (and in the second episode after the funeral). It is the song that sounds at the culminating moment and at the beginning of the credits, before the extra scene. Even though part of the lyrics can not be heard, it is fundamental. Eye spoiler —> has a stanza that describes a possessive woman that causes pain, and comes to say that if it causes you, it is your fault.


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