March 7, 2021

Sharing knowledge and investing in connectivity encourage innovation

Share knowledge, invest in connectivity and offer better social conditions are some of the aspects that encourage innovation in the world, experts in the region said Friday in Lima during the second day of the Business Summit of the Pacific Alliance.

"The regions are strengthened by promoting the sharing of knowledge," said Pascal Finette, representative of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Singularity University, "when the collaboration begins, the level of the region increases."

In the opinion of the expert, "we have moved to a world where we have two countries dominating artificial intelligence, which are China and the United States" and that therefore exert "very strong pressure".

"That does not mean we can not create solid companies, even if it is based on two mega-powers that run the world," he said during his speech on the panel "The pillars to create a culture of innovation."

Meanwhile, the president of the Mexican Carso group, Carlos Slim Domit, said that "we are in a full era of connectivity" where "telecommunications become the nervous system".

Telecommunications require a lot of investment, Slim said, because they require coverage, updating, and a demand for data, which needs to "double the infrastructure every year."

With the 5G systems, which will go from the connectivity of people, to the connectivity of things, we will need to look for this to happen "in a much more inclusive way and that can be developed on a massive scale to the whole world".

Another speaker, the vice president of HTC Corp, Pearly Chen, contributed that Taiwan has completed 10 years with the development of research and innovation laboratories promoted by the government.

"Science parks are a cluster of technology companies that focus the government's attention on fostering innovation," Chen said.

The executive stressed that Taiwan has managed to form a population in which there is virtually no illiteracy and has a health system with 100% coverage for its citizens.

In that regard, he added that "engineering capacity was Taiwan's contribution" to the world.

The president of Telefónica del Peru, Pedro Cortez, explained that his company has chosen "open innovation" to grow in this field, through the "start up" accelerator, Wayra.

"Through Wayra, we have made a kimono opening, we have opened our processes to help us innovate, the idea is win-win, which allows them to scale the start ups," said Cortez.

On what was discussed in this panel, the president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep), María Isabel León, told Efe that "there are many barriers that each country must overthrow or work with its States in order to have the necessary space to innovate together ".

The member of the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance added, however, that "there is an interaction between the four countries (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru) to work on these innovation issues, but it is difficult to achieve results faster than I would like one. "

At the end of this day and at the close of the Business Summit, the Business Council, which brings together the private sector of the four countries, will give the leaders their recommendations on a series of axes to boost the growth of trade and investment in the region. .

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