August 11, 2020

Share quotes with your spouse to improve the pension

UGT proposes to distribute the Social Security contribution between couples when the woman needs it to complete her pension

Citizens always demand that their leaders be creative in their proposals and that they provide solutions to their direct problems. And pensions – with their maintenance and sustainability in question – is one of them. In this way, and given the interim government in office, which does not even have the capacity to approve a raise at the moment for next year, UGT has launched a proposal that, surprisingly, surprises in its conception: that the spouses share Social Security contributions in which case women should raise their contribution base to collect more on their retirement. Specifically, UGT proposes that men distribute their Social Security contributions with their women when they have reduced their working hours for the care of children or relatives. This is one of the measures presented by the union with the objective of reducing the gender gap in pensions, located at 34.6%, a percentage even higher than the labor wage gap, estimated at 23%.

The union, which wants to draw attention to these types of cases, splashed by precariousness, intends to apply this measure for workers asking for a reduction in working hours and their partner continues to work full time. So that the woman's pension is not harmed, they propose the possibility that both members of the couple can share the quoted. This, and other proposals, were presented in a report by the Deputy Secretary General of UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas. Its intention is to try to reduce the gender gap in this type of benefits. Pensioners who have contributed to the General Scheme charge an average of 34.6% less than men – about 6,000 euros a year less. The union intends to put order in very specific cases but which are usually widespread: women who lack very few days or months of contributions to qualify for a pension. The only question that arises if this proposal encourages what is not intended: that it is women who always take advantage of the reductions in working hours.

But UGT goes further, and also bets for other measures such as recovering, for quotation purposes, the period of time before the 80s of the last century declared women to the Social Service, to which they were obliged if they wanted to remove the driving license or even access a job. In the report presented by Antoñanzas, they denounce that women's pensions have a lower average amount in all regimes, except for widows, in which they charge more than men (731 euros they and 509 euros them). The people from Madrid with whom it has the highest benefits; Extremadura, the lowest. The highest gender gap is in Asturias (47.19%), with the majority of men's pensions linked to the mine and the steel industry. The union maintains its demand to link the rise in pensions to the CPI.

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