Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Shaila Dúrcal breaks by remembering her mother Rocío

'My house is yours', has landed one more week in Telecinco. This time, Bertin Osborne has traveled to Houston to interview Shaila, the daughter of the great legend of the song and queen of the rancheras, Rocio durcal. In this latest recording recorded in the United States, the Madrilenian singer has been sincere and has spoken of various aspects of his life.

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Shaila She has told how her life is in the American city, where she lives with her husband Dorio and Aitana, his daughter. Visibly moved, the singer also talked about what her mother's death meant to her and her family.

The daughter of Rocio durcal The interview started with the fateful accident he suffered last August. Shaila lost part of the right index finger and has spoken with total naturalness of the subject with Bertin. For its part, the presenter has assured that it is not even noticed.

On the other hand, Shaila she has remembered her childhood The singer has told that she suffered bullying: "I always had weight problems and they messed with me a lot. I struggled a lot with sugar, I have little willpower, but I'm learning. I counted it little, as a child I was very introverted ", commented.

The Madrilenian singer has dedicated much of the interview to talking about her mother. "It is very difficult when you lose the most important pillar of your life and more at the age that I lost it. He was 26 years old ", he assured. "If you put together all the time I've been with her, I have not been with her almost. I was on tour, I was 3 months away and I was coming back a month ", has added.

Shaila He recalled when he accompanied his mother to the doctor and realized that something was not right. He says they did not know how to tell his father and that he was not aware of the seriousness of the disease. When talking about the death of Dew, Shaila has broken to cry: "I cry differently since I lost my mother, tears fall like a river", commented.

Shaila recalled when she accompanied her mother to the doctor and realized that something was not going well

Shaila recalled when she accompanied her mother to the doctor and realized that something was not going well

"When my mother left, everything collapsed. We have a pain that only people who have gone through it can understand. The day he died was a slow but very peaceful farewell, I do not know how to explain it very well but I felt that peace ", commented.

On the other hand, Shaila has told that the subsequent separation of the family affected a lot Antonio Morales Junior. In addition, the Madrilenian singer, without hairs in the language, has confessed that the inheritance was cause of discord between her father and his brothers and one of the reasons that took to the family to the rupture.

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