SGAE will use the «Chivatos» platform for the collection of royalties

SGAE will use the «Chivatos» platform for the collection of royalties

The SGAE will receive weekly, through a telematic platform called "Chivatos", timely information on the scenic works that are represented in Spain, which will speed up the payment of copyright, according to the agreement reached by that entity with Faeteda. .

The General Secretary of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), Carlos López, and that of the State Federation of Associations of Spanish Theater and Dance Production Companies (FAETEDA), Jesús Cimarro, signed today the agreement referred to the copyright of the school of Great Right, that is to say dramatic works, choreographic, dramatic-musical and pantomimic.

Faeteda, explains the SGAE in a note, has timely information on the works that are represented, number of functions, gauging of the venues, spectators and weekly collection of the associated theaters through the platform "Chivatos" (Statistical map on the weekly evolution of the scenic and musical arts in Spain).

The agreement signed with Faetedea, which group of more than 300 performing arts companies in Spain, will allow the SGAE to receive updated information on "Chivatos" weekly and electronically. to issue "the corresponding invoices".

According to Lopez explains in the statement of SGAE the agreement to use that tool will result in "advantages and efficiencies in the management" of copyright.

For Cimarro, the agreement will allow "having real-time information on the situation" of its activity and "detect problematic niches at an artistic, business and territorial level".


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