Sexist violence and the current situation of the volcano, in ‘Out of Plane’

On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, this Thursday’s edition of Out of plane will dedicate a large space to this scourge that involves physical, psychological and economic abuse and that marks the drama that many women and their children face on a daily basis.

In the Canary Islands, since 2003, they have been 98 women murdered due to gender violence, a drama that also hides the reality of orphaned minors and that will be addressed in the report ‘The life ahead’. Through various testimonies of victims who have been able to get ahead, the route and the action protocol that is activated in these emergencies is also carried out.

Throughout the program, set specialists will analyze the worrying increase in young people normalizing gender violence, in addition to insisting on the fundamental role that the victims’ family environment plays when it comes to bringing a situation of violence to the attention of the authorities.

On the other hand, Out of plane will address the last hour of volcano with direct connections to La Palma to know how the lava rivers after the arrival at sea of ​​one of the castings, as well as the the effect that the storm that approaches the islands may have when the rain comes into contact with the ashes.


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