Sexist violence: A woman receives a beating from her ex-husband's partner before her 18-month-old son - La Provincia

A 37-year-old woman had to be treated last Saturday at the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) after being beaten in the middle of the street, in the Oviedo center, which caused serious damage to one eye and other injuries of various kinds. The victim assures that the attacker she was the current partner of her ex-husband and who lashed out at her in jealousy in the presence of her 18-month-old son. At least that is what he denounced shortly after what happened in the Police Station of the National Police de Oviedo, whose agents are carrying out the necessary investigations to clarify an event that in all probability will end in the Courts.

The events took place around a quarter to nine on Saturday, sources from the National Police confirmed to this newspaper. The whistleblower He assures that at that time he was at his home on Joaquín Manzanares street - in the area of ​​Valentín Masip - accompanied by two of his sons, who are 14 and 9 years old. Previously, she had arranged to have her ex-husband bring an 18-month-old boy home, the fruit of their mutual relationship; but instead of the man, his current partner with the little boy appeared. The woman assures that her ex-husband's girlfriend sent her down to fetch the boy and that as soon as he stepped on the street, he began to hit her.

The woman reflects in the complaint that the alleged aggressor threw her to the ground, sat on her and began to punch her in the presence of her 18-month-old son, who did not stop crying while his mother received the blows. The victim also affirms that there were many witnesses to the attack and that it was a man who was passing through the area at the time who had to act to stop the attack and that things did not go any further. According to the complainant's version, her attacker fled after the pedestrian managed to get her off the victim. The complainant maintains that her two older children and some friends who were at her home witnessed the attack from the window, but she is looking for more testimonies to give weight to her complaint.

According to version of the attacked, the woman who beat him did so out of jealousy, after interpreting that she had had a telephone conversation with her ex-husband "too loving" to close the delivery time of the child. Always taking into account the woman's testimony, throughout that afternoon her ex-husband had called her a few times and had insulted her on several occasions. She assures that he said something like "what you say, love", to try to get rid of him, and that this comment would have infuriated the man's current partner.

The woman appeals to possible witnesses to the event and the man who helped her when her attacker was beating her - whose identity she does not know - so that they can appear at the police station and help her corroborate her version of events.


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