Sex that leaves a trace in the protected dunes of Valencia

The vegetation that abounds next to the nudist beach of Sagunto, in Valencia, still the perfect hideaway for people who come to maintain sporadic sexual encounters, or simply to relieve themselves, and then they leave everything strewn with waste. Although summer is long over, these practices continue, as they have been for years, especially since the place left making known on the internet as one of the areas where you can find strangers willing to get carried away by libido on the first date.

Neighbors of the Levante-EMV area put the accent on demanding from the city council a "decided" intervention to prevent an area of ​​the dunes "from continuing to be a focus of unhealthy"From the outset, they demanded good cleaning and powerful pruning that prevents vegetation from being the perfect shield for those who seek privacy and leave everything strewn with the most diverse debris.

"At the beginning of the summer they did a pruning, at the request of the neighbors, but that was limited to a very small area. The rest remains the same, "a resident of the Malvasur urbanization explained to this newspaper.

this problem is not new. For more than a decade, residents have been denouncing this situation. For this reason, they do not quite understand why the city council does not already have these tasks included in the periodic maintenance of the area because they are convinced that, "without a hiding place, it would be more unlikely that those areas of dunes were full of remains of tissues, condoms, or wrappers", they point out.

The council clarifies, however, that it is a dune area and, therefore, the municipal public company that is in charge of urban cleaning, the SAG, "does not act in the dunes unless expressly ordered by the city council and with the corresponding permits. of Coastal Demarcation ".

"The area is not a garden and We cannot do what we want as it is listed as a protected area within the Maritime Terrestrial Public Domain ", affirms the mayor of Playas and councilor responsible for the SAG, Roberto Rovira. Along with this he recalled the cleaning carried out in the entrance area of ​​the parking lot," where in addition to pruning all the oleanders, at the request of the neighborhood association of Almardà ", and confirmed the municipal intention to" continue to maintain it in the future, "it said, while the neighbors demand that the intervention area be expanded.

However, he promised to review the area with the Costas environmental agent "in case it is necessary to act again", although he added: "We are talking about uncivil behaviors as long as there are people who leave waste out there. It is necessary to monitor and punish those who do not comply, not only do they have to clean up. "

At the neighborhood level, it is recognized that the root of the problem is incivism and low environmental awareness. But they ask that vehicle access to the dunes be cut off. "Many enter with caravans or vans, which is worse; because, lacking a toilet, they use those bushes to relieve themselves," they explain, recalling that "they are still waiting for the city council to limit traffic, at least in winter," as they complained to the mayor, Darío Moreno.

It is also admitted that encounters to practice sex between strangers sometimes generate uncomfortable situations in the parking lot of the Malvasur urbanization and in Teuladí street, which borders the Quartell gola; a last place where intimacy is greater by a lack of public lighting which also accentuates another problem for which a solution is requested: the risk of falling to the gorge due to the lack of railings and sidewalks in a wide section.


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