Seville starts a Holy Week with sun and its safety device ready

The arrival of La Borriquita to the official box of La Campana to open Sevillian Holy Week marks the beginning of an appointment that, in the capital of Seville, begins with sun and great influx of tourists, with a security device that will cover every corner of the center of the city throughout the week.

The device, as every year, integrates professionals who depend on the City Council, Andalusian Government and central government, and is composed of 6,000 people, of which 1,600 are agents of the National Police, in addition to municipal services and medical personnel, in coordination with the Delegation in Seville of the Junta de Andalucía.

It is, as explained this morning by the mayor of the city, Juan Espadas, during the visit to the coordination center located this year in the Mercado del Arenal, a device "that, as every year, is perfectly arranged" so that " in a great event that the city has in a week we are absolutely capable of enjoying with tranquility and guarantees ".

Swords has pointed out that, with the increase in temperatures expected, water supply points have doubled, while again applying "a huge technological effort, which last year attracted worldwide attention in the organization of big events".

However, the mayor of Seville stressed that it is that "human resources are helped by technological elements, and all to give a rapid response capacity, providing more information, so that the media have more capacity to act in case of incidents. "

The media, in fact, will work in a coordinated manner throughout the week, although with special attention in the early hours of Thursday to Friday, the traditional 'Madrugá', when tens of thousands of people will be concentrated in the streets, passing by very popular brotherhoods like those of La Macarena, La Esperanza de Triana or El Gran Poder.

For that night, as explained in the same visit to the coordination media, the government delegate in Andalusia, Lucrecio Fernández, "there has been a specific local security board, to identify the points that will require a special surveillance", and has warned that "citizens know that they will have perfectly trained emergency services for any type of incident".

A device that has also valued the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville, Ricardo Sanchez, who stressed the importance of "always address the security elements to strengthen the devices, and get the parties without anomalies" .

He stressed that all the brotherhoods are equipped this year with defibrillators, and that "at least two people of each brotherhood have been trained to face any problem, to act in the fastest way".

The device will be visible in the streets physically, and in social networks, since the observatory 'Seville in networks' has four million followers, and has been launched by all the brotherhoods of penance in Seville and the technicians of Emergencies of the City council, that have united their social networks to work together, with a truthful information and without hoaxes.

It is a service of coordination through social networks based on the magnitude of a Holy Week that has 72 brotherhoods, 139 steps that are 523 hours on the street, 84,000 Nazarenes and 5,200 bearers, who will travel 278 kilometers in 1,731 streets of the city, which makes everything have to be perfectly greased.


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