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There were not many indications to guess what happened in the second half. The Seville, tired, with one injured after another, he was stuck at the strength of a good Levante. Suddenly, the Seville was unleashed, boosted by Promes and Roque Mesa, luxury side that activated the snipers, Ben Yedder and Silva. The second half of Sevilla was a blast. Players who seemed tired began to gallop and the result was that the Machin crushed the Levante. And not only the players of the Andalusian team ran. They made combinations of high school, as in the first two goals, to disarm a good rival, with extraordinary talent and precision. Tied to this overflowing football, Sevilla, who came from beating a beating against Barcelona, ​​broke his losing streak in LaLiga to take third place, strengthen their confidence and go, in this way, the return copera in the Camp Nou with maximum guarantees to defend the 2-0 first leg against Barcelona. Levante, on the other hand, did a good first half, but it was overflowed by the quality of this magnificent Sevilla.

Seville, 5-Levante, 0

Seville: Vaclik; Aleix Vidal (Sarabia, 53), Sergi Gómez (Mercado, 12), Carriço, Wöber, Promes; Banega (Amadou, m.74), Mesa, Vázquez; André Silva and Ben Yedder. Not used: Soriano; Kjaer, Arana and Bryan Gil.

I raised: Oier; Coke, Cabaco, Manzanara, Róber, Morales; Bell; Bardhi (Doukouré, m.78), Rochina (Jason, m.72); Borja Mayoral and Boateng (Roger, m.76). Not used: Aitor; Pedro López, Simon and Raphael.

Goals: 1-0. M. 48. Ben Yedder. 2-0. M. 60. André Silva. 3-0. M. 71. Vázquez. 4-0. M.79. Sarabia, penalty. 5-0. M. 90. Promes.

Referee: Alberola Rojas. He admonished Mercado, Banega and Róber. Referee of VAR. Undiano Mallenco.

Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. About 36.00 spectators.

Everything went well to the Andalusian team in a second time to frame. He scored to Promes, Wöber debuted with good manners and Ben Yedder showed that he is in a huge moment of play. The fans enjoyed the exhibition of a team that overcame the inconveniences to show their best version. In the two games already played, Sevilla has scored 11 goals against Levante. The players of Paco López made the mistake of disconnecting after Ben Yedder's first goal. And they paid dearly. It was a mistake to place Morales as a lane. Where does the energy get this Seville is a real mystery.

It is not normal for the Andalusian team to make 11 fouls in just 45 minutes. The answer that analysts usually give to this question is usually related to the lack of freshness of the players. The more fatigued you are, the later you get and the more infractions you commit. Subjected to a very demanding competitive carousel, the team of Machín loses freshness despite the rotations and, in passing, sees how their players are injured. For example, Sergi Gómez, who had played everything, left after 11 minutes. Complications inherent in greatness that are increased when you face a rival as well organized as the Levant.

The road could have been cleared after 3 minutes, when Ben Yedder was left alone to Oier. The goal covered him the ways of the goal. He showed, once again, why he is the goalkeeper with the most LaLiga stops. Al Sevilla then had to suffer. The Levante, well led by Rochina, found air on the left with the conductions of Morales. The duel, locked, with many stops, could be decided on any detail. A lack of Rochina was not topped by centimeters by Manzanara, a young Levante who served as central in the first half. Then he collapsed as his team. Another debutant, Wöber, invented a great play and a shot that came very close to the goal of Oier. Ramalazos of a tired Sevilla, with some problems before a well organized rival. The best minutes of the first act were Sevilla in a final stretch of some fury. The choice was the shot from the edge of the area before the jam in the visiting area. Roque Mesa fired at the post and then Banega tried again from afar. Attempts with quality that pointed to what came later.

The hurricane was unleashed after a game with Ben Yedder as the protagonist, who defined under the legs of Oier after a great pass from Mesa. The Frenchman's moment is sweet. The both opened the doors to an exhibition of Sevilla, which crushed a Levante who lowered his arms. The players of Machín found highways to develop their fast and vertical soccer. They were falling one goal after another while there were unprecedented moves, as six Sevilla players were planted against Morales in an unstoppable counterattack of the premises. As Promes and Sarabia were plugged in, the local team never tired of attacking and doing things well with a star Ben Yedder. Nobody knows for sure where the energy comes from in this Sevilla, a real machine to compete.

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