July 8, 2020

Sevilla FC: Huesca wins 'with VAR' in the 98th minute | sports

Sevilla FC: Huesca wins 'with VAR' in the 98th minute | sports

Everything went at the speed of light in a frantic and crazy ending, where Sevilla, after a pretty gray match, threw itself into an open grave over the goal of the game. Huesca, who had advanced on the scoreboard in the seventh minute. Tied the Seville in 84, but the great protagonist of the clash, was, however, the VAR. It was validated the goal of Sevilla, which seemed at first offside, while just four minutes before it was canceled a bit to the Andalusian team that seemed legal. The show continued in the 91st minute, when Sevilla seemed to come back after a goal by Munir. Of Burgos Bengoechea gave goal and the VAR showed that it had out of game previous of the sevillista. In an eternal discount, Sevilla kept trying to achieve the victory until a goal kick gave the victory when Banega was stuck and made the shot of Ávila in the minute 97. The play was also reviewed and it was clarified that the Argentine validated the later game. Everything changes in this League of the VAR, the great protagonist of a meeting where it was shown that the bottom side is very alive and Sevilla is sailing through very tumultuous waters.

Huesca, 2-Seville, 1

Huesca: Santa Maria; Miramón (Ávila, m.38), Etxeita, Diéguez, Pulido, Galán; Juanpi (Gallar, 69), Moi Gómez, Yangel (Musto, 84), Ferreiro; Galician. Not used: Jovanovic; Javito, Aguilera and Camacho.

Seville: Vaclik; Navas, Mercado, Kjaer (Wöber, m.161), S. Gómez, Promes (Munir, m.161); Banega, Rog (Vázquez, m.74), Sarabia; Ben Yedder, André Silva. Not used: Soriano; Amadou, Vidal and Mesa.

Goals: 1-0. M. 7. Juanpi. 1-1. M. 84. Ben Yedder, penalty. 2-1. M. 98. Avila.

Referee: Of Burgos Bengoechea. He admonished Rog, Promes, Kjaer, Galán, Yangel, Pulido and Mercado. VAR: Estrada Fernández.

The Alcoraz. About 7,000 spectators.

The triumph knows to glory to the Huesca, bottom, and puts in the pillory to Pablo Machín, that could be dismissed in the next days. The streak of Sevilla is frightening. He has only achieved six points from the last 30, with nothing more than a win in the last 10 LaLiga crashes. Sevilla has fallen and the best expression of his discouragement was a first part where he was overtaken from end to end by the Huesca. Sevilla rebelled against their fate in the second half. He threw in anger, with little football, to get to tie and subject the Huesca to a relentless siege. The Huesca was saved thanks to the VAR in a final match with the new times of football where it does not make sense to celebrate the goals beforehand. Nor does it make sense that Sevilla was unable to tie, at least, the draw. Leader even in some sections of the course, Machín is showing himself incapable of stopping the bad run of a team destined to higher levels. The days of Machín can be counted despite the reaction of the team in the second half and a dramatic outcome in this defeat in Huesca.

Al Sevilla, and his coach, he has finished the excuses. You can not understand an aspirant to the fourth place a first time with so few benefits and, above all, a lack of intelligence and ideas that condemned him to the brave Huesca. In football, things do not happen by chance. That's why Fran's team, despite being a colist, is alive, full of spark, wanting to fight to the end and try to save. That's why, too, he had scored in four of the last five meetings. Sevilla once again showed the bucolic image that accompanies him every time he plays outside of Nervión. It is a team that has fallen with all of the law, unable to get each game what it needs. Of course, that's not the problem of the enthusiastic Huesca, who took advantage of the facilities behind Sevilla to make a goal at seven minutes. In that time, the team's defenses Machín They had already hit four balls to nothing. Navas, Mercado and Kjaer let Galan and Juanpi, second division winter signings that dismantled Sevilla before the enormous passivity of their defenses.

No one can explain why Machín plays with three centers that neither press nor pull the ball. A remora with a Kjaer who plays almost always in his area. Only Jesus Navas rebelled against the dominance of Huesca, which was put the party as he wanted. The end tried again and again on the right. In an incursion by this band, Sarabia put it back so that Miramón, soon injured, it saved two times under sticks to shots of Promes and Ben Yedder. It was the only clear chance of a lost Sevilla, who wasted one ball after another with a terrible impotence in a team presumably destined to high levels.

Sevilla tried in the second half, but only got into the game in the final stretch. With more courage than football, was putting the Huesca in your area. However, he hardly took advantage of the crowd of arrivals to the Huesca area. Until in the 80th minute he scored Ben Yedder. However, the VAR canceled the goal for an offside by Silva that seemed very fair. The excitement and decisions of the video arbitration marked everything that happened next. Valid Ben Yedder's draw with a penalty when it seemed that he had out of the game, annulled a goal by Munir that meant the comeback of Sevilla after the referee gave the goal, and, for dessert, validated the goal of Ávila in The minute 98 when Banega was stuck when his team left the area. A victory that knows the glory to Huesca and that full of bitterness to Sevilla, because it came in an endless stretch and very painful. A Seville that does not leave its labyrinth and where the future of Machín is in the air.

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