April 22, 2021

Sevilla FC: Celta breathes before a Sevilla to the downside | sports

Sevilla FC: Celta breathes before a Sevilla to the downside | sports

The Seville it was the best balm for the needy Celtic, who broke his losing streak to breathe very hard and feel alive. It was an emotional victory, carved with much suffering before a diminished Sevilla, which was one of the worst games that is remembered in a long time. The Machin, who began competing very early in this course, made a disappointing encounter. The players and the coaching staff of the Andalusian team must reflect because they have all the symptoms of being a team in crisis. Without mental or physical spark, beaten in the Cup by Barcelona and offering such a weak image, Sevilla is ill. The Celta, made a bunch of nerves, only suffered with zero to zero in a Ben Yedder action at the post. A bit of push and a goal by Okay was enough for him to get a corner kick to get three gold points. After five straight losses and despite their limitations, the players breathe and coach Miguel Cardoso, who saves the post thanks to an almost dramatic triumph. The joy with which Balaídos celebrated the final whistle was one of the big ones, as the Galician team provisionally leaves the relegation zone. Meanwhile, the disappointment in Sevilla was capital. The hispalenses accumulate three defeats in a row away from home.

Celta, 1-Seville, 0

Celtic: Rubén; Hugo Mallo, Cabral, Araujo, Juncà; Okay (Costas, m.86), Jozabed (Lobotka, m. 69), Fran Beltrán; Brais, Maxi Gómez and Boufal (Sisto, m.79). Not used: Sergio; Kevin, Boudebouz and Apeh.

Seville: Vaclik; Promes, Mercado, Kjaer, Sergi Gomez, Arana (Mesa, m.35); Banega, Vázquez (Amadou, m.70), Sarabia (Escudero, m.77); Ben Yedder and André Silva. Not used: Juan Soriano; Carriço, Rog and Bryan.

Goal: 1-0. M. 73. Okay.

Referee: Of Burgos Bengoechea. He admonished Sarabia, Okay, Sergi Gomez, Beltran, Costas, Ben Yedder, Banega and Brais. VAR Referee: From Cerro Grande.

Balaidos. 17.503 spectators.

There was nothing drinkable in a loose first time, which was played at a very slow pace, without any player being able to change the pace. The situation of Celta could be explained in the anxiety with which Cardoso moved in the band. A cascade of gestures and movements that tried to activate a team very touched, weighed down by their lack of confidence and the absence of their best footballer, Aspas. The Celtic tried, but never could. With so much tension over the players, who accumulate defeat after defeat in 2019, it is impossible to make good football. To the little rhythm of the premises responded Sevilla with a horrible game. The level of Machín corresponded to that of a team without power, which accumulated loss after loss of the ball. Perhaps played by the 6-1 Cup of the Camp Nou or beaten by the languor that accompanies him away from home, Sevilla played a disastrous first part. Not a shot on goal, or a play worth mentioning in a broken team. The most striking, was, without a doubt, his lack of energy. A desert of ideas that gripped football players like Banega, Vázquez or Sarabia, unable to generate anything potable. The backers of the Andalusian game were three shadows at first very weak.

There was only one mentionable action in the sad first time of Balaídos. A change of pace from Boufal ended in a shot from the striker who stopped Vaclik very well. It was in the 44th minute. Sevilla, on the other hand, did not even throw between the three sticks of Rubén's goal.

The Andalusian team persisted in its slow and predictable game. It was enough for Celta to print a bit more rhythm to reach the area of Vaclik. However, his blockade is so great that it does not give him to subdue even such feeble rivals as this melancholy Sevilla out of his Nervión feud. But you could see that the need for the points was going to be imposed. The Machin, however, could save the furniture in the 69th minute, when in a direct football action after a Vaclik Ben Yedder serve was left alone in front of Rubén. The Frenchman, the only one with a spark from Sevilla, threw the ball. Breathed Celta, who took advantage after the monumental error of the back of his rival. A corner with the ball bouncing in the small area was extended by Cabral to the far post, where he scored Okay at pleasure.

Sevilla did not have any response. He limited himself to wasting the minutes hanging balls with no sense, taking corner kicks without force, facilitating the numantine defense of a Celta so limited that he got into his area to hit the ball. There were losses of time, players who threw themselves to the ground and cramps in the legs of the Celta players. Everything is worth when you are so needy. A wonderful booty in front of a Sevilla that, to continue like this, will have many problems to defend the fourth place.

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