September 19, 2020

Sevilla – Barcelona: The sun went out and Leo left | sports

Sevilla - Barcelona: The sun went out and Leo left | sports

The sunny afternoon began with Mickey Mouse doing the honor kick by protocol of LaLiga Santander while the northern tier of Nervión deployed a monumental typhus in memory of Roberto Alés, former president of the club between 2000 and 2003 and died on Friday. The minute of silence that was lived in the Sevilla stadium was impressive in memory of the man who laid the foundations of the team that has been competing so well in this century. Tremendous was also the pressure that the set of Machín imposed on him from the minute one to a Barcelona with too much lead in his legs and something asphyxiated. The eternal Sevillian spring had something to do with the leader's lack of air. Especially in the first half, when the sun hit hard on the lawn of Sánchez Pizjuán. Then, the shadow gave life to the Catalan group. The sun went down and it came out Messi.

The center of the field of Barcelona suffered an outrage before the pressure of a Sevilla where Rog accompanied Banega, whom he freed from work. Rog himself, Sarabia and Banega made life very complicated for Busquets, who had many meters to defend against the harassment of Sevilla players. The fantastic midfielder of Barcelona was very alone from the start of the game, because Rakitic and Vidal, also, were deployed to the bands and left the center alone. With robberies and quick departures to counterattack, Busquets, for example, was portrayed in the play of the first goal of Sevilla. Overcome by the career of Ben Yedder, who is in a fantastic state of form, the international was a direct witness to the beating of Navas to beat Ter Stegen. The players of Sevilla galloped with spaces. Piqué, desperate, he reproached the action to the five of Barca, who defended as he could. The play had started with a loss of Messi ball in the opposite field. In Barcelona, ​​sometimes, there are communication problems between their players.

But all the problems were solved by Messi, who found his best moment as the sun left the stadium. The Argentine was the new star on Nervión. First, with a volley that beat Vaclik, who did not expect a spectacular shot from so far away. The pass of Rakitic It also helped. The second time was to frame. Sevilla was losing men and strength, to the point that it was getting back. Messi took center stage and was everywhere. Of course, he picked up a ball again to mark Vaclik, who had failed earlier in the punt. The players and fans of Sevilla deployed the white flag before the umpteenth demonstration of the Argentine in front of his victim. With two lethal shots, Messi ended with the Andalusian resistance.

"Always the same", was heard in the stands. But it was the best. A shot of Dembelé He played in Kjaer and the ball was free to 10. The silence in Nervión was spectacular. Messi faked and in slow motion drew a precise touch that stopped the time in Seville. It was the third. Some applause escaped in a Pizjuán surrendered to the Argentine genius. Messi's artwork, his 36th goal for Sevilla, was a feat that ended with the good team from Machín. Only twice has Seville been able to win against Barcelona in the last 12 years. Of course, Messi was not in both games. "What will Barcelona be when it is not", was heard in Nervión. And football?

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