Sevilla and Lopetegui play it in the land of vampires

Sevillistas visit Cluj in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League

Sevilla play this Thursday (18:55 hours) the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League in Cluj-Napoca, capital of the Romanian Transylvania. Impossible to avoid the temptation of parallelism between the state of Julen Lopetegui and the legend of Vlad Tepes III "The Impaler", the most celebrated son of this region nestled in the Carpathian mountains and inspiration of Bram Stoker for his character of Count Dracula. Because if it is true that vampires suck the blood of their victim until they steal all their energy, we will have to admit as a probable hypothesis that some hypertrophied fang bat has recently crossed paths with the Sevilla coach.

Contemplating Lopetegui's demure expression in the last matches of his team, stroking in the technical area as a hopeless shipwrecked man, is a spectacle very similar to that offered by the cast actors that Bela Lugosi victimized in his film series about Dracula: lifeless eyes, rictus between horror and surprise, pallor pallor in winter ... all the symptoms of having suffered the attack of a bloodsucker. The (alleged) weakness of the Cluj, its rival in this first European round of 2020, is the only foundation on which to rebuild the team that marveled at the beginning of the season. Of which now no trace is perceived.

However, the danger of the Romanian champion is not negligible. He is trained by Dan Petrescu, that right-back player who stood out in the Chelsea of ​​Zola and Gullit, which has turned the ancient Constantin Radulescu stadium into a citadel as impregnable as that of Poenari, the Baster of the Impaler. Once he has lost the Cluj at home in his last 35 appearances and here Lazio, Glasgow Celtic and Rennes fell into the group stage. Ojito The entire Sevilla squad, with the exception of a Carriço in the process of emigrating to China, has moved on a journey in which the tension that precedes the tragedy is felt. As "the competition" Sevilla defines itself from the top of its five titles in the Europa League. It's actually true. As true as a year ago he abdicated against the Slavia of Prague, that he did not eat anyone either.


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