May 13, 2021

Several US soldiers were injured in the Iranian attack on a military base

Several US soldiers They were injured in the Iranian bombing of January 8 against a military base in Iraq with the presence of US troops, in retaliation for the death in a US attack by General Qasem Soleimaní, considered a hero in the Persian country.

The new balance was released in a statement by the international coalition against the Islamic State (EI) terrorist group led by Washington.

The CNN and Fox chains, which cite a high military position, raise the number of wounded to 11.

Initially, the Pentagon had reported that the attack had not caused injuries; but, now, after assessing the victims again, the authorities identified some symptoms of possible concussions due to the force of the missile impact.

“Although no US military died during the attacks of January 8 at the base of Ain al Asad, some have been treated for symptoms of concussions and are still being evaluated,” said military coalition spokesman Bill Urban in a release.

He also explained that “as a precaution” the military has been transported from the base of Ain al Asad, in western Iraq, to ​​the regional medical center of Landstuhl, a Pentagon hospital in Germany.

“When they are considered fit for service, service members are expected to return to Iraq after being evaluated,” the statement said.

When he launched his attack, the Islamic Republic warned that it was only the beginning of his revenge for the death on January 3 in a drone attack in Baghdad of Soleimaní.

At that time, Trump chose not to respond to the Iranian offensive with military force and, in a speech to the nation, said he would impose more sanctions against Iran.

Those sanctions were directed against eight senior Iranian positions, including the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, as well as against the country’s steel, iron and copper industry.

Tehran and Washington, which has not had diplomatic relations since 1979, have experienced numerous crises since Trump ordered the U.S. exit in 2018. of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The current tension escalation is especially serious and coincides with the demolition by the Islamic Republic of a Ukrainian aircraft, which caused the death of its 176 occupants.


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