January 15, 2021

Several points in Toledo and Guadalajara continue to have problems with the supply of electricity, telephone and television

The electricity supply problems persist due to the snow that this Wednesday remains exclusively in the province of Toledo. There are a total of 23 municipalities with incidents that affect 196 people, especially in Illescas (23 affected) or in Tembleque and Villamuelas.

“We will try to resolve it as soon as possible,” said the regional government spokesperson, Blanca Fernández.

As for telecommunications, there have been a total of 125 incidents since the snowstorm began, of which 21 are active in 17 municipalities of which 14 belong to Toledo.

Television broadcasting in Castilla-La Mancha has also been affected. In this regard, 109 incidents have been resolved, but 22 are still pending, the majority in Guadalajara.

“We have made a historic deployment with the Departments of Development and Sustainable Development,” said Fernández, who thanked the staff that to tackle these incidents they are “even exceeding their schedules.


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