July 24, 2021

Several Italian regions ask the government to manage their reopens

Several regions of Italy have asked the Government on Saturday to be able to autonomously manage their gradual reopens in this coronavirus crisis, after the country began its path towards its lack of control on May 4.

The president of Liguria (north), the conservative Giovanni Toti, said in an interview with the daily “Repubblica” that the time has come for the regions to decide on their future steps.

Italy began its de-escalation on May 4, after almost two months of national confinement, and on May 18 they will open shops and museums, while on June 1 it will be the turn of restaurants, bars, hairdressers and beauty centers.

“I think that on May 18 the regions must return to exercise their prerogatives and decide on their reopening. The time for prohibitions has ended and the time for citizen responsibility has come,” said Toti.

“We are not asking to act on our own, but rather that the government give us guidelines and allow the regions to apply them according to the socioeconomic needs of their respective territories,” added the Ligurian president.

His counterpart in Veneto, Luca Zaia, a member of the far-right League, has urged the Government to give clear indications on which establishments may open on May 18, after in recent days the Executive is studying whether to grant some early permits, in the face of pressure from the opposition and within the government itself.

“The hairdressers, the restaurants … cannot know on the afternoon of May 17 if they are going to be able to reopen the next day, it does not work that way. The indication must be clear and scheduled so that we all organize,” he indicated in statements to the media.

The president of the Lombardy region (the one most affected by the coronavirus), Attilio Fontana, has been more cautious, who has defended assuming the hypothetical openings from May 18 based on the data on infections, to check if there has been a new rebound after the lack of confidence started on May 4.

“If things have not worsened, the hypothesis may be open, but if not, we will have to be much more cautious,” he considered.

The head of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, is of the same opinion, observing that the relaxation of the current rules will be adopted “on the basis of a scientific evaluation”.

“I think it is wrong to reopen if there is a doubt about a high risk percentage. It is also a way to protect our production system,” he justified.


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